10 Writing Ideas for Christmas

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What might you write bout this December. Christmas topics are certainly the way to go. Ideally, you will have already gotten to this but there is still time if you haven’t. Try planning your December topic articles for October or early November next year so that you do not feel rushed. (Or, if submitting to a publication, you will want to look at their editorial calendar.

Writing Ideas

  1. Christmas Eve and Christmas day recipes.

  2. The history of Christmas.

  3. What Christmas should mean.

  4. What to do with the leftovers from your Christmas meal.

  5. Local restaurants serving Christmas meals.

  6. Area charitable institutions serving people on Christmas day, or providing food items in advance so families can make their own meals.

  7. A guide to surviving the Christmas season.

  8. Decorating ideas for the home and/or the Christmas table.

  9. Craft ideas for children and adults.

  10. Fun activities for children and adults.

There are many other topics that can be written about for Christmas. The sky is the limit, really. Think about what people need to know, or what they might consider fun or newsworthy, and go with it.


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