20 Halloween Writing and Photography Prompts

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Autumn brings a sense of renewal, as well as ghosts and goblins, to our lives and our communities. Writers begin to stay inside more, and are looking for fresh article, story, and poetry ideas. These suggestions based around the Halloween theme will get you started:

For the Fiction Writer

  1. Write a short story about the mayhem ghosts in a graveyard can wreak.
  2. Write a novella about a family who, after living in an old house for 13 years, starts to notice strange phenomenon. What cause the sudden, violent change?
  3. Write a novelette about a college student getting revenge on the people who do him wrong.
  4. Write a novel about three teenagers who kill a family in their neighborhood.
  5. Write a story about a murder who stalks a teenage boy until Halloween, when he/she lets the boy know he is being stalked. How does the boy find out? What is his reaction? What actions do the stalker and the boy each take?

For the Nonfiction Writer

  1. Write about the Pagan roots of Halloween.
  2. Research Halloween traditions from different places. Write a series of articles based on this research.
  3. Blog about how to decorate for the scariest haunted yard ever.
  4. Write about the most popular Halloween candies.
  5. Write a series of Halloween safety articles: Costume safety, trick-or-treating safety, candy safety, etc.

For the Poet

  1. Narratives are poems that tell a story. Use a Halloween theme.
  2. A rhyming poem about a cold, eerie, Halloween night.
  3. Write a shape poem about a pumpkin.
  4. Write a shape poem about a bat.
  5. Another possibility for a narrative them is darkness.

Combine Photography with Writing

  1. Photograph decorated lawns and write a lawn decorating article.
  2. Create a slideshow of popular homemade costumes, with a description of how to make each.
  3. Write an article showcasing 10 haunted houses, giving a description and photo of each.
  4. Take photographs of different businesses offering treats for children on Halloween, noting their location and the times treats will be given out. Some people do not want to take their children door-to-door.
  5. Take eerie photographs of cemeteries, and write a story about what frights abound on Halloween night. Get friends to dress up and pose.

These are just a few ideas. Come up with your own if you like.

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