4 Keys to Success in the New Year

In a previous post, I wrote about wrapping up this year so we can move on and continue building on our successes next year. I discussed how I do this, in hopes it would be helpful to you.

Now I want to discuss four keys to success in the new year, because it is not only about planning. Click To Tweet

There are other things I found I needed to do this past year in order to successfully get things done.

  1. I needed to stay motivated, and this motivation had to come from within myself. I had to keep that momentum going if I was ever going to accomplish things. But it was not always easy.
  2. The ability to get back on track when I lost the motivation was another key for me. It just so happened that the motivation drifted away every so often, and I had to bring it back. To get back on track and move on from where I had left off. I decided it was okay to take a break from my own projects for a few days, or even a week, as long as I got right back into it.
  3. The ability to adapt was also an important factor. Things aren’t what they used to be. Traditional publishing was not going to work for me, so I had to take the time to learn new skills over the last couple of years. I am not a perfect editor or graphic designer, but I think I can hold my own until I have the money to pay someone who is better equipped for those types of jobs. I had to adapt my thinking from ‘I just want to write’ to ‘I’ll do what it takes to get these eBooks published’.
  4. The ability to move on from failure. Yep! You read that right. Not every eBook you write, class you offer, workshop you create, etc., is going to be a success. I had to decide it didn’t matter. Some of my projects will be successful and some wont. That is fine. I’m learning along the way and that is what’s important. I had to stop being scared to put myself out there, stop being afraid of failing, in order to begin publishing. And I did. I have a storefront on Amazon.com, and one on Lulu.com,  some of my eBooks are even being sold in other places, and I’m on Goodreads.com, and Authorsden.com. I’ve come a long way.

Those are my four (biggest) keys to success. The things that kept me going and publishing numerous eBooks in 2016. And they are what I’m taking with me into the new year. I’ll be publishing plenty more this year, and I’m so excited about it!

Are you excited for the New Year? Are your keys to success different from mine? Share in the comments, or email me at shannonlbuck@livethefreelancelife.com.

Happy Holidays!

Shannon L. Buck

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