5 Steps to Help You Relax this Holiday Season

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Photograph copyright Shannon L. Buck 2016.Many of us work more than we should, and some of us are holding down another job while building a freelance career. On top of that we have family, friends, and home responsibilities, and we’re getting ready for the holiday season.

Often we end up wearing ourselves out, possibly getting sick in the process. I’ve been working on a series of quick posts on my blog Frugal is Fabulous! that will be just what we ladies need this holiday season. The series is called Mini At-Home Spa Moments, and these are the posts:

  • A Good Start to Your Morning: Be sure you are ready for your day with this quick tip.
  • Quick Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Having a long, exhaustive day? This little ritual will pick you up in just a couple of minutes.
  • A Relaxing End to Your Day: How do you unwind at the end of the day? Is it in a way that helps you wind down from all the stresses you encounter?
  • Monthly Treat: Make sure you take some time to really care for yourself this holiday season, when you don’t have to worry about anything going on around you.
  • Quick Weekend Habit: This one wont take long but will make you feel extra good!
  • Weekend Relaxation: Make sure you are taking an evening each weekend to care for you.

Frugal is Fabulous! is one of my favorite blogs I write. It has helped so many people of the years who just don’t have enough money to live with, and those who are looking to live a frugal lifestyle for their own purposes. If you know anyone who might find it useful, please pass it along.

I hope you enjoy your holiday season no matter which holiday or sabbat you celebrate.

Love, Peace & Joy,


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