5 Tips for Staying Positive

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Staying positive is not always easy, but it is important. You do not want to get into a slump because you will feel down on yourself and your career, and then you will not be as productive as you need to be.


To begin, let’s look at some of the reasons negativity might sneak into your daily life:


  • You are alone most of the day, with no real social interaction.
  • You may be spending most of your day in an environment that is not conducive to happy feelings and thoughts.
  • You may have had some (or many) of your proposals or queries rejected, and are therefore feeling down on yourself.
  • You may not be keeping up with fitness goals.
  • You may not be getting the appropriate nutrients.


These reasons are enough to leave a negative impact on anyone, so what can you do to combat these issues and stay positive?


  1. Make it a point to get out and socialize. Talk with people in your community while at the store for your morning coffee, and while checking the mail. Make it a point to hang out with someone at least once a week, and set aside for daily family time.
  2. Brighten up your office space. Keep the curtains open, and hang some plants in the window. Add some artwork or photographs to the wall, and place some flowers on your desk. Keep the air circulating, and light scented candles. Try working outside when the weather is good.
  3. Don’t worry about rejection. Consider these practice runs, and keep learning more writing and marketing skills. Hold your head up and realize that your time will come.
  4. Take a walk every day, or take two. Start a fitness program on your own, at a gym, or with friends.
  5. Eat well. With the proper diet, supplements are not usually needed. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Make healthy meals and snacks. Organic foods are the best way to go, when you can afford them.


If change is not your friend, then change one thing each week. This will give you a chance to get used to each step.


How do you stay positive while building your freelance career?


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  1. I used to walk a good deal every day and found it was a great energy booster. I think I will make this commitment again as I devote more time to sitting in front of my computer screen writing.

    Thanks for the tips.