6 Ways Meditation is Good for the Freelancer

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Meditation does good things for the mind and body that will aid a freelancer in bettering his or her life and career.

  • It can be done in the morning before you start your day, or in the evening before bed.
  • It can be accomplished on your lunch break as well.
  • Meditation will often help when you have writers block or are otherwise unable to come up with ideas for your business.

There are dozens of ways in which meditating will help you. Here are some that are specific to the freelance life:

  1. Many freelancers find it difficult to sleep because they have so much going through their minds. Meditating before bed will be helpful because doing so will aid you in attaining a deeper physical relaxation.
  2. Meditating can aid in weightloss. This is beneficial to freelancers who spend much time sitting. This activity would be used in conjunction with regular physical activity.
  3. Aids in orderliness of the brains function. With all of those jumbled up ideas running through our heads constantly, this can truly be helpful.
  4. As meditation increases serotonin, it can help with depression issues. Depression can seem worse in the winter, when we may not be able to work out of doors to be around other people as much, but many people suffer with this year round. Try meditating regularly, and understand that this is not necessarily a cure all.
  5. Meditation frees up your mind long enough that, when you are done, creative ideas may flow more naturally. This will be very good for business.
  6. Regularly meditating might also help with increasing productivity in your business life.

There are far more ways in which meditation will help you in your daily life. Ty it for a few weeks to discover what they are.

Shannon L. Buck

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