6 Ways to Use Evernote

Photograph copyright 2016 by Shannon L. Buck.

Photograph copyright 2016 by Shannon L. Buck.

I first learned of Evernote from Angela Booth, and I’ve been using it ever since. There are so many things it is good for, using it will never get old. I quickly started creating projects, using a different notebook within the program for each one.

Here are some ways to get started using Evernote:

  1. Use a notebook to plan a series of guides for publication. Plan them in one notebook, or in any number of them. I’m using one to plan the steps in publishing an upcoming series if eGuides I’m working on. Going to the notebook and seeing all these steps in one place is helpful.
  2. Plan your blog posts in a notebook: What posts to create, research notes, photo urls, and more can be saved in one place. I have a notebook for each of my blogs and channels.
  3. Use a notebook to plan food articles, making note of recipes, research, and anything else you need to remember.
  4. Keep a list of reader questions from your blog or site, planning a weekly question to answer. Because I have a number of blogs and channels, I keep a list of these in each notebook.
  5. Use a notebook to plan out sections or chapters of a book you want to write. Or to do an outline for the book. Currently, I use a notebook for outlines. My plan is to expand on this, planning out each section or chapter as well, and adding notes from research where relevant.
  6. Keep a checklist in a notebook of all the non-writing related things you want to do for your business, or one for each blog. I do this in each blog’s and channel’s notebook as well.

I am a list person by nature. I love to check items off a to-do list. Evernote allows me to create checklists, and gives me a little box to check off for each item completed. I could not be happier.


  • Use tags in order to look up like items later on.
  • Bullet lists can be used instead of check-off lists.
  • You can also use numbered lists.
  • Set reminders for items with a timeline.
  • Explore the other functions, like adding links.

How do you use Evernote? Let us know in the comments, or email me personally at shannonlbuck@gmail.com. I love hearing from you, and respond to all comments and messages.

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