A Freelancer’s Window Garden

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With the groundhog telling is that spring will be early, our thoughts may be  turning to gardening at this point. I know, it will still be some time before we get to go out into the yard and plant, but we are able to enjoy the act of gardening now if we choose.

How? By planting a window garden.

Why might a freelancer want to do this? Besides the fact that many of us enjoy the act, other reasons include:

  • Indoor air quality: Plants offer a way to clean the air within the home.
  • Moisture: Watering your plants regularly adds a small amount of moisture to the air.
  • Movement: Taking a morning or afternoon off from work enables you to get up and move for a bit. An act that many of us aren’t doing much right now.
  • Mental health: Yup! Gardening is therapeutic.
  • Inspiration: Doing this activity may inspire you to write poetry, or articles related to gardening – thereby earning you more money.

I’m sure, if you think about it for a while, you will come up with other reasons to put together a window garden.

And how might we go about this? Read some gardening articles to come up with your plan. Start with these:

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Grow a variety of items in a window that gets plenty of sunlight and is close to your work area, such as salad greens, herbs and houseplants. It is very calming, when work may seem stressful, to look at the window garden.

Looking forward to  spring!

Shannon L. Buck


  • Gardening Articles (frugalrecipes.wordpress.com)

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