A Quick Note on the Manuscript

Morning fog on a rural mountain road.

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I finished the first draft of one of the manuscripts that I am working on. Very exciting! It still needs some editing, but is all formatted and ready to go otherwise. The title of the book is Tales from the Mountain, which is one book in the Tales of Darkness series that I am working on. This is a book of short stories.

Writing fiction gives me a needed break from the freelance career once in a while. It is a very enjoyable form of writing, in my opinion, and gives my mind an escape from the world around me when needed.

Watch for upcoming updates on when the book will be published.

Shannon L. Buck

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About Shannon L. Buck

Hello. My name is Shannon, and I'm a single mother of two young adult daughters, and Memay to one precious Little Man. I work as a writer from my home in Orono, Maine, and as a Front Desk Agent at an inn. Writing is my life, second only to my daughters. I enjoy writing nonfiction, as well as fiction in a number of genres. At some point, I would like to travel. It would be a true writing adventure.

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