A Review of My 2013 Writing Goals


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Did I meet all my 2013 writing goals? No, but I did put a good effort in. Especially considering my attention issues. One minute I am minding my own business working diligently on a project, the next my mind gets fixated on another project I want to start and I drop the first project to work on the second. Or third. Or fourth. You get the picture.


Don’t you? Does anyone else have these issues?

These were my goals for the year, and the progress I made on them.

  1. Perform 1 last edit on the first book of short stories. I hate apostrophes! Not so much. I got sidetracked proofreading stories for my sisters over the summer, and only edited a couple of the stories.

  2. Be prepared for the busy season at work by getting ahead on my freelance tasks while things are slow this winter. I was not 100% prepared, I will admit, but I did get a lot done before summer. The busy season at the inn did not leave me feeling overwhelmed because I had gotten ahead so much. Maybe next year I will be even more prepared. Who knows.

  3. Come up with a marketing/promotional plan for the first book of short stories. Somewhat. I have been taking notes so I do not forget the ideas for marketing/promotion. But then, I still have time to figure this out.

  4. Continue learning about marketing and promotion. I took a couple of short courses last year, grudgingly. I find the topic more interesting now. A step in the right direction! I have learned so much! I spent a few months last winter really concentrat

    ing on learning more about these topics, and am so thankful I did. This new found knowledge will aid me in coming up with my marketing plan for my first book of short stories.

  5. Continue to work on my second book of short stories. 1) Write more stories, 2) Edit at least a few stories, and 3) Publish at least two of the short stories for others to read. 1) I did write a new story for this book, but had hoped to write a couple more. 2) I did manage to get a couple of the stories edited. 3) I did publish those stories.

  6. Continue to work on ideas for the third book of short stories. Done! And started writing it as well during the NaNoWriMo Challenge.

  7. Continue to build up my Examiner.com channels by adding more content and promoting each article. They are all geared toward helping others: Bangor Single Mom, Bangor Easy Meals, Bangor Frugal LivingI mainly concentrated on the Bangor Easy Meals channel, but did do a little for the other two as well.

  8. Continue to update all blogs and add content to them regularly: Frugal Recipes , How to Live the Freelance Life, The Fitness Journal, and Living the Low-Income Life. I mainly concentrated on the writing blog, but did quite a bit with Frugal Recipes as well. I did add a little to the others, but should have done more.

  9. Continue to build the writing business. Yes. Always 🙂

I have done other things this year as well, such as:

  • I moved How to Live the Freelance Life to a new platform, where I have much more control. I added things to it, and have planned to add even more. I am very happy with this change so far.
  • I have learned how to outline for a fiction book, even though I am not sure how extensively I want to do this from here on out. I felt too constrained with a lot of details having already been set. I am thinking the less structure the better for fiction. That way, I can feel free to be creative.
  • I mostly stuck to a schedule using a weekly planner tactic. I did go off course whan it was warranted, and am trying to remind myself that it is okay to change focus here and there, as long as the most important things get done. Staying on track is so difficult for me, but I am getting better. Somewhat, anyway.
  • I learned brainstorming techniques, so I now have more than one way to come up with new ideas 🙂
  • I published my short stories Dead People and The Shack.

How have you come along with your goals for the year? Did you meet them all? Decide not to complete some? What were your reasons?

Remember, if you want you can add any unfinished goals to your 2014 list.

Happy holidays!

Shannon L. Buck



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