Another Update to How to Live the Freelance Life

Tree Roots With Scary Face!

I have been adding things to the site here and there. A couple of days ago I shared a link to A Troll Tale: A Story from the World of Carthage written by Sheila Buck and Katie Hamilton from over at the Creative Carthage blog.

Today I would like to point out that I have also added a category of links called My Short Stories to the secondary sidebar of this blog. These are stories that I have written. The links, thus far, lead to sample stories from the upcoming book Tales from the Mountain, a book from the Tales of Darkness Series, as well as from another book from the same series that I am working on called Tales from the Woods. One story, Serenita, does not go with a book. Not at this point anyway.

So far I am sharing the following stories, which are free for you to read at your convenience.


  • “Be Careful of Those Woods”
  • A Trip to the Outhouse
  • Alone
  • Serenita
  • The Woods

Enjoy them, and be on the lookout for more stories by me in my effort to combine my freelance writing career with fiction writing.

Shannon L. Buck

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