April 2012 E-Book Challenge: Begin Writing

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And the second week of the 4 Week Write Your Own E-Book Challenge begins…

Are your ready for another productive week?

Remember: Productivity is key.

Now that you have completed the brainstorming, organizing and outlining tasks, it is time to move onto the actual writing. I know that some people prefer to write out a manuscript on paper before typing it into there word processor. However, the process really does go significantly faster if you enter the words directly into the processor. You may not be able to finish the e-book otherwise.

You have two weeks to complete the actual writing.

The last week of this challenge is reserved for editing.


Before beginning the first day of writing. Do a quick search online for any information you may need to write your e-book. This should not take a long time, because you are writing on a topic you are already passionate about. Note sources, in case you have to site them in the book.

Scheduling Time

If you are lucky, you will be able to work on the writing aspect of this challenge all day each day. Or most of the day 😉 Many of us have day jobs, though, so we will have to come up with a schedule for writing.

Set a specific block of time, if possible, for each day (starting today!) of the next two weeks for this task. Maybe two hours a day. Maybe four. The amount of time spent may vary by day. For instance, you may only have one hour to spend writing on Monday and Tuesday of the first week, three hours Wednesday through Friday, then all day on Saturday and Sunday. This is fine.

The amount of time needed will depend on how quickly you type, how long the manuscript will be, and your daily responsibilities. This time block can be adjusted part way through the second week, to give you more time or less, dependent on how the manuscript is coming along by that time.

Note that some people prefer to schedule writing so many words a day, or even a chapter a day.

Let Everyone Know

Tell people you cannot be interrupted at these times, unless there is an emergency. Turn the cell phone off. Turn the answering machine on. Hang a note on the front door as a reminder. And let your immediate family know that you love them but you are working on a project that needs your attention.

Begin Writing!

Sit down at the computer and urn it on. Open your idea notebook. Go into your word processor and begin writing! Use this initial block of time to write a Dedication and About the Author page, as well as an introduction to the book. If you have the time, begin writing the first part or chapter to the book. If not, rest assured that you have completed the first two or three pages of the book.

Each day, write during your scheduled block of time. (Or, write however many words you have scheduled. Or, write the chapter for that day.) Do not worry about editing. This will come later.

NOTE: Note that single parents with young children/babies will have to schedule their time accordingly. This may mean writing during naps or after the children are in bed for the night.


  1. Write each day during your scheduled time!

  2. You may notice, as you write, that new ideas pop into your head. This is fine. Go with it.

UP NEXT: Second Weekly Follow Up

Happy Brainstorming!

Shannon L. Buck




  • April 2012 E-Book Challenge: Brainstorming, Organizing and Outlining (howtolivethefreelancelife.wordpress.com)

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