April 2012 E-Book Challenge: First Weekly Follow Up

Brainstorming during the point of entry planni...

Brainstorming during the point of entry planning session. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CatalĂ : Imatge de pluja d'idees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How are you doing with your first week of tasks for the 4 Week Write Your Own E-Book Challenge? It can be both fun and time consuming, I know. It may also make you nervous. Don’t worry about that, though. You are doing just fine.

Have you finished your beginning brainstorming tasks? I’ll bet you had fun with that. I always do.

You should have organized the needed pages in your notebook according to topic now, and have been working on more brainstorming techniques to finish the subtopic lists for each topic. The subtopic brainstorming activity can take time, and you may not be finished yet. This is fine. You have the weekend to finish up. The next challenge step will not be posted until Monday.

Remember to number the subtopics in the order in which you wish to mention them.

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