Avoid Perfectionism

Edit Ruthlessly

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Or, don’t go overboard with it.

No one is perfect.

Some people obsess over every little thing when creating a blog, keeping up with facebook and other social networks, and writing. They will go over content again and again before posting or submitting it. They will change the positions of photographs and paragraphs in posts three or four times before deciding exactly where they should go.

All this worrying about being perfect causes stress, and may result in missing deadlines.

Try to move away from these practices. Edit a couple times if necessary, then stop. Post or submit the article and move on to the next project.

No one is perfect. Even the most professional site may contain a typo or two. It is okay.

Every so often, when looking over your site, you might come across a misspelled word or misplaced comma. You can change these things when you notice them, but refrain from spending too much time in the editing process. Doing so prevents you from writing enough to earn money.

A quick proofing of your article should allow you to see most of the errors. Fix these, then set the piece aside. Later, read the article over again. Change anything that does not work and set it aside again. At this point, you should have most if not all, of the errors taken care of. Give it another read a little later on and you will likely be good to go.

So… keep it light. Don’t fret over tiny things too much. Enjoy the writing!

NOTE: Books and stories may take more editing because of plot, character and setting information that needs to all work together. It is helpful to have one or two trusted people edit the piece as well. Be sure they sign a release stating they will not copy/sell the information, or show the work to anyone else.

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