Benefits Of Working Outside

Have I mentioned that I love taking my work outside? I do. I love being out in the fresh air. Unfortunately, I rent. My neighbors don’t stop to think that I may be too busy to hang out when they notice me out there typing away. So I cannot work outside at home.

I do, however, work at Aroma Joe’s (Nope! They are not paying me to write them into my article. Though it would be nice to have a month supply of mint tea…  lol) I stop in there some mornings, order my tea exactly the way I want it (Not so hot I can’t drink it right off), and sit out on their deck to work on a current project. This set up has worked well for me this summer, but we’ll see how it goes when college starts back up again.

The park is another place I like to work, and in small wooded areas where not many people roam on any given day. I like to be outside.

There are benefits to taking your work outside. For instance:

  • For me, it presents less stress. Being outside does not feel stuffy. There is a sense of freedom that melts away any stress I might be under.
  • Because I am under less stress, I’m getting more done.
  • Being more productive helps me to feel better about myself.
  • Breathing the fresh air helps to clear my mind.
  • Working outside can also ease depression, giving a boost in Serotonin.
  • When walking to my outdoor space, the exercise derived is good for my heart and aids in balancing out weight.
  • And, socializing along the way never hurts.

How about scheduling at least one morning or afternoon a week for taking your work outside. Bring along a snack or lunch, and enjoy the fresh air while getting things done.

Where do you go to work outside? Do you have a favorite place? Or a place you want to try? Let us know in the comments below, or email me at I always reply.

Shannon L. Buck

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