Book Review: Living Write: The Secret to Inviting Your Craft Into Your Daily Life by Kelly L. Stone


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 Living Write: The Secret to Inviting Your Craft Into Your Daily Life by Kelly L. Stone is a great book that will guide the reader/writer through tasks created to aid her in creating a wonderful writing life. The Book comes with a CD called Living Write Guided Meditations and Other Daily Exercises for Writers. This CD is very helpful as well.

The book has many activities that will help you along your path. It discusses numerous ways to bring writing into your daily life, with exercises designed to guide you through the process.

Developing your writing self-image enables you to see your strengths, as well as areas where you may need some work. Kelly explains that building up your self-image is an important aspect in accomplishing your goals. She shows you how to create your vision of success and how to work toward your goals as a writer.

Reaching your milestones is one way this is done. Thinking about your milestones daily, and taking action toward them, is how you take responsibility for your writing career. Kelly shows you how to do this in her book. You will learn how to overcome negative thinking, and how to deal with rejection and use it in positive ways.

And that is not all. Kelly also explains how to deepen your writing efforts. She guides you through the process of meeting your daily and long-term goals using different techniques.

And so much more. This book is a great guide.


Shannon L. Buck


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