Moving On

At some point in time we must each move on. From things that are no longer working for us, to things that drive us to become better – or perhaps more – than we are now. Things that hold our interests; things we are passionate about.

I feel that time has come for me. I want to help you to create their success, even if that success has nothing to do with the various ways to freelance. Or, if you want to include other types of successful career moves, as I do.


Create Your Success

With my new site, that is exactly what I’m attempting to do. Launched minimally in 2017, I’ll be adding much to the new site in 2018 and beyond, including blog posts, free worksheets and projects, encouragement for people who want to create their own success, whatever that might be.

I’m so excited!

During this transitional period, a number of things will be happening to Live the Freelance Life:

  1. I’ll be going through all the content on this site to see what I may be able to re-purpose on the new site, what I might create freebies from, and what I can put together eBooks with. This could take anywhere from one month to twelve.
  2. I will shut down this site when that is done, and all of my old posts and photographs have been saved elsewhere.
  3. I will close the Facebook page, How to Live the Freelance Life.
  4. I will close the archive site for Freelance Ponderings and Advice, after creating a free eBook from the information there.
  5. I’ll be getting rid of as many links back to here as I can from the various social media platforms.

On top of all of this, I’ll be concentrating on making Create Your Success as successful as I can, and working on my fiction writing. It will be a busy, exciting year! I hope you’ll join me over on the new site.

All of this falls in line with many of things I want to accomplish in my life, including Taking Care of Business, staying within my Happiness Factor, and Trying New Things. All equally important.


P.S. If you are looking for more information on creating your freelance career, I still have plenty available. Check out my eBooks today:


A Freelancer’s Helper

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In this special report, A Freelancer’s Helper, I will show you the value of having people to help you with every day tasks while you work. Each person will have different needs, and this report will help you to decide what help would be best for your circumstances.

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Organize Your Space and Stuff by Shannon L. Buck Organize Your Space and Stuff provides take-aways such as ideas for organizing projects and record keeping, as well as keeping track of successes.

Green Your Freelance Business by Shannon L. Buck Discover many ways to green your business activities as well as your office.

Careers for Freelancers by Shannon L. Buck - Interested in building a career from the comfort of your own home? Or expanding on the career you've already created?

Let Your Teen Help By Shannon L. Buck

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017.

Spring Desk Decor

Writing and other freelance jobs are not just about the work. You have to be comfortable in the space where you do the work. I accomplish this, in part, by ‘decorating’ my desk. This is what I came up with for spring:


The photo is rather dark, but it was the best one I could get. You can see the plant on the left, and the flowers and candle holders on the right. And let’s not forget the book I’m reading, and my planners.

The left:

I have an established spider plant at the corner, with three smaller plants that I’m rooting in water. To the bottom edge of the desk is one of the books I am currently reading: Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach. I feel it’s important to keep my current read close by.

I could have gone with something different on this side, such as:


The spider plant, with a picture of myself and my grandson (Little Man) to the front.  <3

Here I’ve placed a candle holder to each side, as well as a small spring-scented candle.

I simply switched things up a bit for a different look. It’s easy to do, and I will switch things up each week during the spring months, as I dust the desk.


The center:

My actual work-space, of course. It holds my laptop, and I’m placing that picture of myself and my grandson right at the center.

I’ve photographed three different center desk scenes for you.

  1. My daughter, Skye, buys me quote blocks once in a while, and I’m using them in two of the scenes. The quote can be anything that suits you.
  2. A tea-light candle holder placed to either side, but just behind, the photo frame adds an interesting touch.
  3. And a small lavender-scented candle at the front will provide a relaxing feel when I’m finishing up work for the day.

The right:

The right side is different from the left, and can also be done in different scenes. In keeping with the spring theme, I’ve done a few things:

  • The tea-light candle holders have marbles at the bottoms. Not just any marbles, but ones that belonged to my Grampy. My Aunt Robin gave me a jar of them after he passed.
  • The vase holds blue pebbles that were used as decorative features at my daughters baby shower, and the tulips were a Mother’s Day gift from a coworker who was kind enough to buy a rather large arrangement for all the ladies at work. This made us all feel special that weekend!
  • The candle holders, vase, and picture frame I’ve had for a while.
  • And the lavender candle adds a nice touch.

It cost $0.50 to decorate my desk for spring. The cost of the candle. Not bad for already having most things on hand.

How do you decorate your desk?

Shannon L. Buck

Brainstorming Sessions with the Bestest

One thing I’ve been trying to do with this site is stress that life is not all about your freelance path. It is also about relationships, and keeping them healthy. It is about the happiness factor.

Today I want to discuss how you can keep in touch regularly with your bestest, in such a way that your business and hers will benefit from your time spent together.

Whether you each have business or not, brainstorming with someone else is a good way to get new ideas. If your bestest works for an employer, perhaps she would like a chance to brainstorm ways to further her existing career, start her own business, fix up her home, or plan a sustainable garden. Or maybe she is planning to write a book. The possibilities are endless, really.

Why brainstorming sessions with the bestest work

  1. You can be honest with other. If something sounds good, great. If something sounds lame, you can let the other know.
  2. You are comfortable talking with each other.
  3. Your bestest may have some great ideas for your business.
  4. You might have great ideas for whatever your bestest is working on.
  5. You can celebrate successes together!

Setting up regular brainstorming sessions

Make this a regular thing, scheduling a meeting as often as you need it. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly. Whatever works for both of you. Talk with your bestest and write these dates on your calendar.

Be sure to schedule enough time to brainstorm for both of you. Maybe lunch, with no afternoon responsibilities, so you can talk for hours if the need be.

Decide in advance of each meeting where you’ll meet up. Perhaps you’ll have a picnic in the park, or meet for tea outside your favorite cafe. Maybe a lunch at your favorite restaurant will be better, or a dinner at your place or hers. If you want to stay active, you could even go for a long walk, each of you bringing a hand-held recorder for keeping track of ideas.

No need for a rain-check if weather is not cooperating, just change where you meet up.

How brainstorming sessions with the bestest work

First, you get the day-to-day chit-chat out-of-the-way. Talk about the weather, how the kids or significant others are doing, what’s coming up for important dates within your families, and what community things are going on. Discuss feelings about situations, and how stressful last Thursday was. Get it all out of the way, so you can get to work.

Next you’ll each want to each talk about previous ideas you’ve implemented since the last meeting, and give updates on other things you’ve discussed as far as business goes. What has worked? What hasn’t? What haven’t you gotten to and why? Are you still planning on trying those leftover ideas out? Or will you be scrapping?

Then move on to new ideas. Talk about what you each have come up with for ideas for your businesses or projects, giving the other a chance to offer up more ideas. Talk about each new idea, at least briefly, to be sure it sounds plausible for your situation.

During this time, talk about things such as marketing, new project ideas or manuscript topics, promotional ideas, and whatever else you can think of. Perhaps you know you’re going to need a new laptop, and want to brainstorm the features you’ll need, or maybe you want to talk about your plan to turn and extra room into an office.

Going the extra mile for brainstorming sessions

Why not buy gifts for you and the bestest for that first meeting. You can put hers in a gift bag if you’d like. A hardcover journal or notebook for each of you to write ideas in, a nice pen, a set of highlighters, colorful post-its, and a selection of your favorite teas and fancy chocolate bars.

When your bestest finishes a particularly big project, put together a gift basket for her. Themes could be:

  • Fancy office supplies, or things to match her office decor.
  • Her favorite coffees and a mug with a saying that fits her perfectly.
  • Items to add to a collection she has going on.
  • Kitchen items and gourmet foods for the foodie friend.
  • A DVD of a movie she wants, popcorn, drinks, and a box or two of her favorite movie theater candy.
  • Things from her favorite cafe: The coffee or tea she likes – for her to make at home, a reusable cup with their logo, and a gift card.

If your bestest is feeling blocked or stuck, give her a basket of items for pampering herself, such as a facial treatment, her favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, a wash cloth and hand towel, and a few new colors of nail polish. Maybe she needs to relax and take care of herself, to feel rejuvinated.

Have you had a brainstorming session with your bestest? How did it go? Can you schedule another?

Shannon L. Buck

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright April 4, 2017.

10 Examples of What to do Next

So, you finally finished that big project, set up your first website, or wrote that book you’d been putting off, or finished that huge project for a client – that took you months. Good for you! Be proud. Be confident. Take a moment to just bask in what you have accomplished. It. Was. Huge. You know it was.

But now that you’re done, what should you do next?

I’d like to offer up 10 ideas for what to do when you’re done with a big project. Some of them you might not have even thought about. They aren’t all about work, as there really is more to life.

  1. Celebrate. It can be something simple, such as that Chai Tea from your favorite cafe, or maybe a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Perhaps tea with your daughters, or lunch with the bestest. Do something.
  2. Buy yourself something at least somewhat related to your business, such as a nice hardcover journal with a decorative pen for note-taking, or some new jewelry to wear during your next meeting. The bracelets and hair accessories in the picture cost me next to nothing, but they are nice to have when I want to add a little flair.
  3. Take a day off. Start with a slow morning of waking up when your body is ready, meditating, doing a little yoga, journaling, and having a light breakfast. Then take a walk near the river, and stop into the cafe for an iced tea on your way home. Watch a movie, read a book, or take some time to pamper yourself. Enjoy the day!
  4. Decide on your next project.
  5. Put your files from the previous project away, and set up new ones and other necessities for the next project.
  6. If you wrote a book, set the manuscript aside for a while to step back from it. Plan to do a first edit in two weeks, or a month.
  7. Take an afternoon to sit on the back porch with a pen and paper, and brainstorm ideas for things you want to do for your business.
  8. Update your portfolio and/or resume.
  9. Clear off your desk, give it a good washing, and then set things on it in a different way than before. Put a plant on the desk, or something decorative in nature.
  10. Send out queries for future projects.

What’s your top 10 list?

Shannon L. Buck

How Downtime can Help You to Succeed

Downtime. That illusive thing we all say we are going to have in our life, but many of us forget about because we are so busy with life and work that we do not know how to slow down until we fall into bed at night, exhausted. Many of us never take downtime. We just let it linger in front of us, knowing we need it but not able to get there; to experience it.

But we need downtime.

We need to take time for ourselves. We need to spend time with family and friends. It can’t always be about work, sometimes it has to be about us. We need to sleep in on occasion, spend a morning in bed, do some therapeutic journaling, meditate and do yoga, or go for a leisurely walk. We have to spend time with family, having barbecues and spending days at the beach. And we need to hang out with our friends; fishing, hiking, or just sitting around talking.

Relaxation is important, as is doing fun things and being around others.

How can we free up space in our schedules for downtime?

First, we must make downtime a priority. Starting right now, get out the calendar and decide what day(s) you will have your downtime. I suggest two days a week, in a row. At least to start.

Why two day’s in a row? Because if we only have one day, or a part of one day, we will work on cleaning the house or running errands. This is not downtime, and shouldn’t be treated as such. So we take two days off in a row, stopping work around four in the afternoon the day before to do the chores and run those errands.

Make these regular days off, and schedule them for each week.

Then go back through the calendar and give yourself a personal day every two or three months. This could be a mid-week day you take for yourself, or you could add it on to one of your weekends for a three-day stretch.

Going through the calendar again, mark off any holidays you feel you need to take. And then decide on two one-week vacations or one two-week vacations, if you can afford to. Or at least a one-week vacation.

How do we take downtime?

As an example, mark on your calendar that work will stop on Friday afternoon at four o’clock. At that time, go about running the errands that you’ll need to do before Monday, then bring home some take out from a favorite restaurant or something to put on the grill. After dinner, have everyone in your house help with the chores so those will be out-of-the-way for the weekend. Remember to empty the dishwasher so you can refill it throughout the weekend.

On Saturday morning you might want to sleep late, relaxing with a tea on the back deck after waking. Maybe you’ll have breakfast as a family, then go out for a walk. Or maybe yoga is more your style. The point is to take it slow. You want some time to yourself, but also time with your family.

After lunch, maybe you and your family would like to take in a movie or go fishing. Something fun, but somewhat relaxing. On the other-hand, you might be itching to go sailing or maybe you want to throw a barbecue for your entire family.

You might do something else together the second day, or maybe go shopping with friends instead.

Want to spend a day alone? Wake up, enjoy your tea while writing in your journal. Take a smoothie out the back deck and enjoy the weather, then pack a lunch and go for a hike. When you return, watch a favorite movie or read a book. Relax for a while. Enjoy the peace.

The point is that you are taking time away from work and spending it with people you love, even if that person is you!

How can downtime help you to succeed?

First, taking regular downtime helps to clear your mind. I don’t know about you, but my brain sometimes feels so full of differing thoughts and ideas that I can have a hard time concentrating on what I need to get done. A walk through the neighborhood or on the bike paths can help me to clear the clutter, allowing my mind to take a break so I can be more productive later on.

Second, this downtime helps with creativity. When I’m feeling stuck, I go for a walk to clear my mind and all of a sudden I have all these new ideas popping into my head. It is great! (I’m wondering if there is an app for my phone that will allow me to speak into it so I don’t have to stop to type things into the notes. If you know of anything, please let me know!)

Third, my walks aid me in organizing my thoughts, so I can more clearly move on with a project.

Fourth, active downtime helps to get or keep you in shape. This means you’ll have more energy.

No time for downtime?

I hear ya! I go through these periods myself where I’m so busy with my day job at the inn and a writing project that I’m at things all day and half the night, sometimes for weeks. I try not to make a habit of this, but sometimes an important project will necessitate the extra time.

What I try to do is take a morning or an evening off every two or three days. If I don’t, then I know I’ll ware myself out. This happened just recently, and it forced me to take two whole days off just to rest. I did minimal cleaning those two days, made sure I fed myself and stayed hydrated, and started re-watching Revolution. I had made myself sick, and needed to take care of myself.

What project am I working on that I wasn’t allowing for real days off? The first drafts of three novelettes. I’m about half way through the third, and have been working on them since before the new year. The last few weeks I’d been on a real writing streak, finishing book two and starting book three. My body reminded me I needed some time off, and I took it.

What benefits do you notice with downtime? Or what struggles do you find you’re going through trying to plan for some downtime?

Enjoy your day!

All Work and No Play

I tend to be outside a lot less during the winter. I don’t work outside right now because its too cold, and I start to feel a little stir crazy at this point each year. Do you feel this way? Like you can’t wait for nice weather so that you don’t have to be stuck inside all the time?

I know that, before long, I’ll be outside much more. Hiking, writing at the park or in The Gardens, taking pictures. Spending a weekend on the coast, shopping with the bestest. So many fun things to do when the warmer weather hits. But for now?

Now I’m just waiting. I have a nonfiction writing project I’m working on, and a series of short stories I’m writing. The nonfiction happens when I’m at work, believe it or not. I work at an inn, and this is our slow season. Our boss let’s us do many things, from knitting to studying, during our downtime. For me, it’s writing. I’ve done first edits on two manuscripts already, and written a few things on another.

Then, on my days off, I sit at Aroma Joe’s, sipping tea and working on the fiction series. I’ve already finished the first drafts of two novella’s, and am working on a third. And I have three previous short stories I’m editing.

I’ve been organizing things, planning projects, and more.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy. But I haven’t been having a whole lot of fun out in the community. The only walking I get in is on the days I work, when I have to meet the bus on campus, and my yoga routine takes place in my room.

I’m really feeling the need for a hike, with the camera. I hope the next nice day happens on a day off from work, so I can walk the bike path and take some picturesm before settling in to write.

I took my sister and nephew out to dinner a couple of weeks back, and the bestest and I are going to have lunch together at her place next week. I’m trying to find little ways to break up the work and writing stuff, and enjoy some time away from it all. Even if it’s only for an hour or two here and there.

And I’m going to spend an evening a week pampering myself and watching a movie. The happiness factor is important, and taking the time to do things for myself is how I accomplish it.

It’s so important to take time away from the desk. Do it.


Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright February 28, 2016.

What Are You Excited About This Year?

A new year brings excitement to my life. How about yours? Just the thought of accomplishing new things, or finishing up projects worked on for so long, has a way of getting me excited and revving me up. I can’t wait for new challenges, and to check things off my to-do list. (Yes, I am a to-do list kind of gal.) There is a real happiness factor in a new year for me.

Is it the same for you? I hope you are just as excited as I am.

This year I’m excited for a few things, as far as my writing goes:

  • Editing and republishing a few nonfiction eBooks.
  • Editing and publishing more stories.
  • Writing new stories.
  • Getting organized.
  • Planning a few projects I want to work on in coming years.
  • And getting the first eGuide out to you here on Live the Freelance Life.

I just can’t wait to get started!

What are you excited for this year? A new book project? Building a new website? Whatever it is, I’d like to here about it. Comment below, or email me at

Happy New Year!

Shannon L. Buck


Careers for Freelancers by Shannon L. Buck - Interested in building a career from the comfort of your own home? Or expanding on the career you've already created?

Give Your Business a New Year Gift

Are you thinking about ways to expand on your business this year? Or maybe you want your family to be involved in your business efforts? Consider getting your business a gift this year. After all, who knows what your business really needs better than you.

I’ve given my business a number of things over the years, including a tablet and eBooks related to writing.  One year I ordered a copy of The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman, I love gifting my business each year, and doing so helps to keep me motivated in the new year.

  • Have you been wanting to create a website you can move your free WordPress or another blog to? I like using HostGator for this purpose. The transfer is easy, and the price is reasonable.
  • Are you going to bet setting up and office this year? Looking to do so in a green way. Read Green Your Freelance Business by yours truly, and feel good about your space.
  • Pick up decorative notebooks or journals for note-taking and project planning. And don’t forget pretty pens!
  • Check out the offerings over at Freelance Writers Den, and look at their boot camp options.
  • Pick up a new laptop if you need to upgrade.
  • Are you planning to organize your office space in the new year? Read Organize Your Space and Stuff. I wrote it for this site, to help the freelancer, and it will be a huge help!
  • If you’re trying to figure out how to expand on an existing business, or what type of business is right for you, read Careers for Freelancers.
  • And if you want ideas on how to get your family involved in helping you to be successful, read Let Your Teen Help As You Build a Home Business – While Learning Valuable Skills for the Future.

There are plenty of things you can do to help your business along in the new year, and it is exciting to do nice things to aid you in building success.

(NOTE: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links for products and services I use or have used in the past. The money earned helps me to keep this blog running. Those funds are put to good use here. Thank you!)

Love, Peace & Joy,

Shannon L. Buck

Photography by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2016

Give Your Business a Gift

Hi all! So far this year I’ve given my business a couple of gifts. A new tablet because the old one no longer has sound. Not sure why, but my brother-in-law is benefiting from this tragedy with a tablet he can use as a back up or to take apart and tinker with to see how they work. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter. He’s always fixed our computers, and it would be great if he could figure out how to do the same with the newer technology.

I also bought The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS: Best of the Renegade Writer Blog 2006 to 2016 by Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell.

Buying gifts for my business makes me feel good because I know I’m buying things that will help my writing career in the coming year.

I’d like to offer up information on my eBooks, that would help you along your writing career. I know you’ll take many good ideas from them and that you will be able to put those ideas to good use in furthering your own writing career.

Organize Your Space and Stuff by Shannon L. Buck Organize Your Space and Stuff provides take-aways such as ideas for organizing projects and record keeping, as well as keeping track of successes. Your Space and Stuff


Organize Your Space and Stuff is a compilation of many articles from How to Live the Freelance Life. Each article has been expanded on for this book, with updates on how things have changed, and action steps to guide you in setting up and keeping up with your office or office space.

A bonus section at the back of this eBook gives the reader creative projects that will aid in furthering their career and brightening their day. These projects are not to be missed. They are fun!

Organize Your Space and Stuff provides take-aways such as ideas for organizing projects and record keeping, as well as keeping track of successes. Organizing the way you do business does not have to be difficult. The eBook offers advice from someone who has tried many things, before beginning to get it right. It also offers recommendations for having a ‘greener’ office environment, and advice for keeping what you need on-hand, so it is available when needed.

Green Your Freelance Business by Shannon L. Buck Discover many ways to green your business activities as well as your office. Your Freelance Business


Green Your Freelance Business is a helpful book for the freelancer or anyone with an office. Discover many ways to green your business activities as well as your office. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, or if you’re looking for more greening tips, this is the eBook for you. Green Your Freelance Business has been edited, updated with new information, and provides action steps to help you along the greening journey. A bonus section at the back of the book offers three creative projects for freelancers. Have fun!

A Freelancer’s Helper

SALE! $1.99

In this special report, A Freelancer’s Helper, I will show you the value of having people to help you with every day tasks while you work. Each person will have different needs, and this report will help you to decide what help would be best for your circumstances.

* A Mother’s (or Father’s) Helper

* A Part-Time Housekeeper

* A Yard Worker

Careers for Freelancers


Interested in building a career from the comfort of your own home? Or expanding on the career you’ve already created? Written with you in mind, this edited and updated 2nd edition of Careers for Freelancers has more ideas for you, updated explanations, and estimations on how much can be made within each career choice. Learn about new career options and side hustles. Then decide what interests you. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. There are many opportunities out there. Which one(s) will you choose to further your career and earn a bigger income?

Let Your Teen Help As You Build a Home Business: While Learning Valuable Skills for the Future


This 2nd edition of Let Your Teen Help As You Build a Home Business: While Learning Valuable Skills for the Future, has been edited and updated, with more information on the important ways that your teenager can help out during this transitional period and beyond.

By coming together as a family, it’s possible to successfully create a career you can have from home. With your teen as part of your team, you will go far.

Teens can be a big help with:

* Helping with some of your business tasks.

* Teaching you about technology.

* Helping you to plan different aspects of the business.

* Helping with their siblings sometimes.

* Helping out around the house.

By having your teen help out they’ll learn valuable skills to take into adulthood, to use at home and in their career. This will put them ahead of other young people who were not given these opportunities.


Enjoy these eBooks in the coming year, and let me know what you found helpful and what you’d like to see here on the blog.


Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Goals?

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2016.At the end of each year, I write down the things I hope to accomplish throughout the next year. Usually, I go overboard. Way overboard. And I rarely accomplish even half of what I want. I did the same for 2016 but, for some reason, I seem to be completing far more of my goals. Maybe I’m just really ready to get things done at this point in my life.

And because I don’t put enough on my goals list each year (Oh, the sarcasm.), my brain also spits other ideas out to me throughout the year. I end up with even more goals; more things to do.

Some years, around this time, I take goals I haven’t decided to work toward off my list. But not this time.

More stuff to do. I’m not sure I’ll be finishing everything, but I’ll be trying pretty darn hard to get as much accomplished as possible.

How about you? Are there things you need to delete from your list? Things you want to add? Things you simply need to change the timeline for, extending because you know you’ll finish the projects after the new year, rather than before?

Go for it.

  1. Take out your list and a pen.
  2. Start a new list for 2017.
  3. Start a new list for things you are putting aside for now. Remember, you can go back to them next year, or the year after. There is no true deadline if it is your own project.
  4. Decide what projects you will put aside, and add them to the ‘putting aside’ list. Cross them off the original list.
  5. Decide what projects you’ll continue to work on but know wont be completed until next year. Add them to the ‘2017’ goals list, crossing them off the original.
  6. Brainstorm for new ideas, adding them to the list they need to go on: ‘2016’, ‘2017’, or ‘putting aside’.
  7. Make an action plan for the current list and schedule when to do things.
  8. Make an action plan for ‘2017’, scheduling what you want to work on somewhat this year.
  9. File the ‘putting aside’ list.

This is possible when they’re our own goals, so take advantage of the freedom to work on what you want. After all, when writing for others you don’t get to make these calls.

I decided this year to finally get a couple of things done, so I recently added these goals to my 2016 list:

  1. Move the archives for Freelance Ponderings and Advice to a new platform that will give a more organized, clean-cut, reading experience. (Done! Visit the archive site here! And tell me what you think.)
  2. Start an email newsletter for new issues of Freelance Ponderings and Advice. (Done! Join the newsletter list here!)
  3. Move the archives for Frugal Recipes Happenings to a new platform that will give a more organized, clean-cut, reading experience.
  4. Start an email newsletter for the new issues of Frugal Recipes Happenings.

A lot, considering what is still left on my 2016 list. I’ve finished 1 and 2, and started 3. Also, I’ve set up the Lulu store to sell old editions of ebooks at a discounted price of $1.99 until I’m ready to discontinue them. (Be sure to take advantage while you can.)

Here’s to hoping I can get it all done.

Organize Your Space and StuffI’ve already accomplished so much, from publishing 7 short stories and 2 nonfiction ebooks to setting up an ‘office’ area in the room I rent, and even switching from the old laptop to a new one. Oh, the downloads and manuscripts! And I’m working on getting everything ‘in the cloud.’ So my goals for a more organized personal writing experience are being achieved. I’m happy, to say the least.

And I’ve still got more I’m doing. Between 2016 and 2017, I will:

  1. Re-write and publish a number of nonfiction books.
  2. Publish a bunch of short stories I wrote from years ago.
  3. Finish writing the stories I’m working on.
  4. Create a new website.
  5. Complete and publish at least four eGuides in a series I’m writing for Live the Freelance Life.
  6. Write and publish at least three eGuides for the new site.

I am one busy lady, for sure. I’d be completely bored without working toward these goals, though. I’m one of those people who always needs something to work toward. How about you?

Now that you know where you’re heading, I want to wish you luck in meeting your goals – and say congratulations for the goals you’ve already met.

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Shannon L. Buck