Combining Exercise, Meditation and Good Nutrition

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It is not difficult for the freelancer to live a healthy lifestyle by combining exercise with meditation and good nutrition. Doing so will ensure that you stay fit, or that you lose needed weight and tone up your body and mind.

Take an evening when you can sit and relax to figure out your plan.


Come up with a fitness routine that will work for you. For instance, a morning walk to the park will aid you physically and mentally, and ensure that you get some socializing in if desired. Mini 10 minute workouts can also be added, done during two breaks during the day. These mini workouts might consist of a jog in the living room, hand weight exercises or leg exercises. Mix things up and do something different each time. Stretches can also be done at this time. Go to the gym for a full workout of you prefer, or put in a workout video.


Incorporate this into your daily schedule. Use whatever technique works for you. Lighting a candle and watching the flame is an easy thing to do. Clear your mind as you watch. This can be done for five minutes during a break. Or, lay on your back and close your eyes, breathing slowly and clearing your mind. Do not think about anything for a while. Just breathe and relax.

Good Nutrition

Basically, you will want to cut back on coffee if necessary, as well as soda and other sweet drinks. Consume more water, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Stay away from high fat foods, and switch to 100% whole grain breads. Record recipes that you will us. Make a list if snacks, as well as foods for breakfast lunch and dinner that are good for you, and remember to bring it shopping with you. Make up menu plans if this tactic will work for you.

All of these actions combined will aid you in living a healthy lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “Combining Exercise, Meditation and Good Nutrition”

  1. That is great! I, on the other hand, get so wrapped up in work that I don’t even realize the time for hours… then I am hungry and feeling rushed. I have to schedule meals and fitness opportunities… adding them to lists and setting timers.

  2. As a fellow business owner/freelancer I’ve found it easy to live a healthy lifestyle because I have complete control over my schedule. While working from home I can sneak bursts of exercise into my routine and keep to a healthier, more controlled diet. As much as my workday is flexible I still set a routine and stick to it–and I feel great!