Creating Good Habits

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Some habits are good ones. They are productive, and aid you in progressing smoothly throughout your day. They give you a sense of accomplishment; a means of beginning or ending your day. They have many benefits indeed.

In our work and personal lives, we should develop habits that will allow us to proceed from one task to another flawlessly. It will take time to create habits in your daily life, but doing so will help your career along.

For personal habits, we may begin each day by getting dressed, if we choose :D, fueling our bodies with caffeine, and grooming ourselves.  We may also send our children off to school and our husbands off to work. These activities help us to start our day. They tell our bodies that we are gearing up for work.

The same is true during the evening hours. We finish work tasks, serve dinner, take a bath to induce relaxation and get ready for bed. All of these tasks tell our bodies that the work day is over.

So, what habits might we form during our work day that will help us to get through the day easier – or more productively?

  • Habits that prepare your mind to work, such as 30 minutes of email reading, 20 minutes to check social networks and creating a to-d0 list of the most important tasks to complete for the day.
  • Making it a point to stand up and stretch every so often, especially when your freelance career involves a lot of sitting.
  • Bringing an assortment of healthy snacks and beverages to the desk with you each morning, so you don’t have to get up to look for something when you should be working.
  • Setting a timer for the end of a task period. Such as, setting it to go off after you have worked on your manuscript for two hours. This allows you a stopping point so that you can get other tasks done.
  • Alternatively, your habit may be to get all business tasks done during the morning hours which will free up the rest of the day to work on your manuscript.
  • Doing filing tasks and a quick office/desk clean-up at the end of each day, allowing you to get right to work the next morning.

There are many habits that may be formed to get you through your work day in the most efficient manner possible. Your habits will depend on your own circumstances and career choice. Share your good work habits with us in the comments.

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