Do You Journal?

Nikki Sixx

Image by tonbabydc via Flickr

I have a habit of journaling in one form or another on a fairly regular basis. Recently, I was doing this using the Be A Better Me Challenge tasks as the prompts, and the experience has helped me to better see who I am as a person. The whole experience has been enlightening.

I am not the only one journaling. Nikki Sixx, basist for Motley Crue and Sixx AM, author, photographer and clothing designer, also journals. He is an incredibly creative man who often shares his daily journal entries on his Facebook page.

Journaling is a great way to destress, and it can help with brainstorming tasks as well. For instance, you can write about your incredibly bad day to distress then, after feeling more relaxed, you can journal your goals for the future of your business.

Do you journal? How does it work for you?

Shannon L. Buck

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