Easy Ebooks?


I read a lot, online and off. Print and otherwise. I have read many ebooks, which have led me to writing this post.

Not all ebooks are the same. Some are, thankfully, very well written. Some are not.

When I say “not well written”, I mean that the grammar, punctuation and spelling are a mess. Maybe the author does not speak English as a first language. Maybe they author is not a writer by nature.

Now, I am not a person who needs things to be written perfectly in order to enjoy a book, fiction or non fiction. Though I can pinpoint every spelling error in a book that I read 😉 This is why I make a decent proofreader. I find it easier to do this with other peoples’ work than my own, as a matter of fact.

My concern, for the freelance writer trying to build a career, is that too many mistakes make the ebook look unprofessional. Do we really want that? I don;t think so. Our ebooks, free or not, are a reflection of our work.

Before my daughter went off to college she would edit things for me. It helped to have her do this after I did. She could usually pick up on a couple of things that I had missed.

Ebooks are easy to create, yes. They can be written in 1 to 7 days, if not too lengthy. Just be sure to edit them well before giving them away or selling them.


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