Financial Goals for Year 3

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I am already on my financial goal path for 2011, which is carried over until the New Year, when new financial goals will be decided on.

My current path dictates that I am to earn $30.00 per day, which will amount to $10,950 for a one year period — the tax year 2011. I am, of course, behind at this point due to the hurdles that had to be conquered during Year 2. I just got the new laptop last week, and my brother-in-law uninstalled unnecessary programs and installed the necessary ones. This will allow me to get caught up.

At this point I will continue to catch up on the articles that I have been unable to get to thus far, then I will forge ahead. I am still hoping to earn the $10,950. We shall see if I can pull it off. If not, it won’t matter because I will still do better than during Year 2.

This figure is only for the Demand Media Studios flat fee articles. It does not include revenue share and any other writing opportunities that may arise over the course of Year 3. Anything from these other sources will be extra 🙂

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