Freelancer’s: How Do You Celebrate Earth Day?

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There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day, and I am wondering just what all of you do to tread lightly on our beautiful Earth. I am doing (or learning to do) a number of things as far as my freelance business goes. Any or all of these may be used as a jumping off point to begin more earth friendly business practices. For instance:

  • I have reusable shopping bags made from fabric. When I need supplies for my business, I am able to bring these to the store with me to carry my purchased items home in.
  • I am seriously cutting back on post-it use. I used these for everything, but have been doing pretty well. I do still use post-its, but in moderation.
  • I reused a bunch of items from my families’ homeschooling days. Paper, folders, index cards, binders… all manner of items. I am still going through what is left of the homeschool related items, deciding what to keep to use myself, and what I will never use.
  • The ‘never use’ items will go to a charity such as Crossroads Ministries, to be sold in the thrift shop or used within their own offices.
  • The old computer, laptop and printers will be given to someone who can use them, rather than placed in the trash.
  • I used the nifty envelopes from Dell to mail back my empty printer ink cartridges, when I still used a printer. I rarely print anything now, so see no sense in owning a printer. If I need to print something, I can do so at my sisters. If needed, I can purchase them an ink cartridge once in a while, as well as some paper.

There are a great many other things that a freelancer may do to aid in creating a better Earth.

  • Plant a garden in your yard, that you can see while at your desk. Or plant an indoor garden near-by the work area.
  • Start recycling as many used office products as is possible. Set up bins for this purpose.
  • Find other uses for items that you use for your business.
  • Make a pencil holder using a vegetable can and scrapbook materials.

What ideas can you come up with?

Here are a couple of resources that you will find useful:

Article:  Earth Day Activities for Frugal Meal Preparation Throughout the Year

eBook: Greening Your Freelance Business

Happy Earth Day!

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