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My favorite place to work is the park.  I love working by the river, and watching the children play. I am always more productive when I am there. Though I do not have a laptop at this point, I find plenty to do while I am working away from home. Spring, summer and fall, I take a tote filled with work and walk to the park.

My trips to the park provide me with physical activity during an otherwise (mostly) inactive work day. They are also helpful on a mental level. My mind is cleared during the walks there and back home, and I am more relaxed while at the park than I am while working at home. For work, I place pens, a calculator and project folders or notebooks in the tote.  Post-its and highlighters are also added. I also include my journal so I am able to add my observations while I am out and about.

I also have other places that I like to work, where I can be out in nature. There is always either a park bench or a picnic table for me to work at. Once a year, I venture to the beach where I sit on a blanket near the water. This is very relaxing, and I mostly bring reading and note taking projects for this type of day.

I love nature photography, so my photo taking stints keep me outside all day at times. I may walk the bike path, or hike a mountain, for this activity. Other times I will visit a coastal town and walk around taking photographs all day, mainly breaking only for lunch. During these times, I do not write – unless it is to take notes on what I am photographing.

A balance between sit-down and active work is necessary.

What types of work activities might you be able to take outside? Where might you go where you will be able to concentrate on work that will take you outside the home setting and into nature?

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