Freelancer’s: Walking for Health and Career Ideas

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As a freelance writer, I would sit in front of the computer writing all day if I didn’t make myself get up and move. When I say all day, I mean it – 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. would not be uncommon, getting up to use the bathroom when necessary, as well as to eat. This would not be good practice.

Overweight, I have already lost 70 pounds. I have more weight to drop before I am done, and then I will need to keep fit throughout my career. None of this would be possible if I sat in front of the computer constantly.

Walking is my main fitness activity, though I also do dance, weights and other types of exercise. Being my favorite activity, walking wins out over the others when weather permits. It also keeps me from sitting on my butt all day to work. I enjoy the act of walking much, and it offers many benefits. For instance, walking:

  • Works the leg muscles.
  • Trims the waistline.
  • Aids in regulating cholesterol levels.
  • Helps you to clear your mind.
  • Lowers stress levels.

For me, walking also helps to generate ideas for my freelance career. With a clear mind, I am able to concentrate on important aspects of my business. I carry a tote with a notebook and other essentials with me, and will sit in the park and take notes when ideas pop into my head. Writing them down helps me to keep track of each idea.

If you do not think that you have enough time to walk, here are some considerations:

  • Walk while making your daily call to mom, if you have a cell. If not, a cordless phone will allow you to walk up and down the sidewalk in front of your home. Otherwise, walk inside.
  • Walk around the block quickly before you begin work, then again before dinner.
  • Take a long walk early in the morning, before you begin any other tasks.

How will you fit walking into your daily life?

Shannon L. Buck


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