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While I generally believe that working for no pay is simply not the way to go, there are times when it can be helpful. I know, I know… freelancers who are starting out need all the income they can get. Why would they work for free? There are valid reasons for this. Here are some things to consider:

  • An internship with an up-and-coming website about living green will net you writing credits that you can use to acquire a paying job at a more established site.
  • Writing a few entries to be published on the blogs of others will lead readers back to your own blog.
  • Writing a few articles for free might net you a job working for the site where they are published if they like your work.

As you can see, “working” for free sometimes will help you to get writing credits and future work. You obviously do not want to write everything for free, but doing so can help you to get started in a freelance career.

I am proofreading a manuscript for free right now, for Sheila Buck and Katie Hamilton. They run the Creative Carthage blog here on WordPress, and recently published a story that I previously proofread for them (Again, for free.) on This story, A Troll Tale: A Story from the World of Carthage, is available to be read on the Kindle.

I do this for three reasons:

  1. Proofreading is not part of my business.
  2. I am able to practice so that I can add this outlet to my income later on.
  3. They are my sisters 🙂

Working for free at times will not hurt your career. It can actually be beneficial.

Shannon L. Buck

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