Fun Personal Projects for Writers: Easy Desk Decorations for Winter

I took my trees and Yule decorations down a few days after Christmas. I wanted my desk back, and that is where my trees were set up in front of the window. Each winter, after taking down holiday decorations, I decorate for the winter months.

Usually, the projects I post here are at least somewhat related to writing. But not today. These easy desk decorations for winter will spruce up your desk and leave it feeling a little more cozy.

And why not? We can be creative in more than one way. Why not let our creativity shine through by crafting and doing things other than writing.

As you can see, I did three projects for my desk. They were super-simple to achieve, and the overall effect is nice.

The Tea Light Candle Holders

I have three tea light candle holders of varying height. I always decorate these according to the season, and sometimes they end up on a corner of my desk. They are clear and each has an insert for a tea light.

I used light blue beaded garland from Yule, and let a strand nestle slowly at the bottom of each receptacle. Then I placed a pine cone in each. For the shortest one, I had to squish the pine cone down into the beads in order to fit the top in place. Once the tea light holders were in the receptacles, I simply placed a tea light in each.

Voila! A candle set-up for the corner of my desk.

The Filled Vase

Another super-easy project, this time using a clear vase. I let a strand of silver beads fall gently into the bottom of a vase, then added silver ribbon I had previously used for a wrapping project. Next I let another string of silver beads settle over the ribbon.

Such a quick project for the desk.

The Filled Snowflake Bucket

I have this bucket, brown with a snowflake design, that came to me as part of a gift a couple of years back. It isn’t very tall. The picture next to it is a 5×7. But I wanted to use it at one corner of my desk, opposite the tea light holders. I thought it would go well with the framed picture.

All I did was let a short strand of silver garland fall into the bucket. It came to the top. Then I placed a pine cone on top, at the center, and a little wooden snowman at the back. Before setting the bucket on my desk, I also added some beaded icicle ornaments (purple and clear) around the inside edges, being sure to push them down as far as they would go. This way you only see the tops of the ornaments.

Another easy-peasy desk project, to be sure.

Zero Cost Projects in No Time

These projects cost me nothing, because I used materials I already have on hand from the holidays. And it took less than 5 minutes to create them all.

I think the grouping of the vase, the bucket and picture looks lovely, and I like the grouping of tea light holders at the opposite end of the desk.

How are you decorating your desk for winter? Please share in the comments, or by emailing me at And please send pictures!

Shannon L. Buck

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