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There are a good many places online geared toward getting the word out about your business, and each of us will do best to decide what works best for our own situation. Each of us is different, after all. We do things in our own way.

I have certain things that work for me. They may work for you as well. Though maybe not. All you can do is read up on each venue, and try the things you think might help you in achieving your goals. If something a method proves not to work, simply discontinue its use.

The sites below are the social bookmarking and networking sites that I use. Check them out. See what might work for you. Try a few out.

What are your thoughts?

How might each site work to benefit you?


I have both a personal and business page. Facebook took over as my favorite when MySpace stopped working to benefit me. You can visit the page for How to Live the Freelance Life. Please join the page. I post a lot of good resources there that never show up here on the blog. Articles from other freelance, social media, and business writers, quotes, etc., are all posted there for anyone to see.

I was recently notified that the page will be changing. Some sort of update Facebook is implementing. I am waiting to see the new things I will be able to do, and the new look.

Both my personal and business pages send traffic to my various blogs and channels, so this one works well for me.


I do some reading on Digg, sharing what is interesting there and on my personal Facebook page. With Digg, you can submit your own links if they will be useful. I do not submit every thing I write here, just what the readers there may find interesting.

I do not see as much traffic coming in from this site, but I am on there anyway.


LinkedIn is a professional site. I have a profile there, and you are welcome to connect with me if you are a writer, social media expert, or photographer. I post links to articles and other posts for my blogs here, but nothing personal. Check it out and see what you think.

Your profile also serves as a resume, so fill it out completely.

I get a fair amount of traffic from here.


I also have a Twitter account. Nothing personal is posted here, only what pertains to my writing. However, if there is a good cause that I would like to make people aware of, I will post a link to more information here. Feel free to connect there with me as well!

Twitter is generally just for the freelance blog, but I do also post links to my short stories.

I get a good amount of traffic from Twitter.


My profile on StumbleUpon depicts both my work and that of others. Anything that I happen to find interesting, be it business related or not. It is somewhat of a playground.

I do receive quite a bit of traffic from this site here and there. Not a constant, but often enough to keep me posting. It seems to go in cycles.


I love Pinterest! And mine is going to be seeing some changes this year. Mainly, I have been focusing on food and kitchen stuff to coincide with the Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy blog and Bangor Easy Meals. I am going to be combining things for less boards having to do with food, and adding more boards for my other writing venues. I am very excited about this. Please join me there.

I get a lot of traffic from this site on my blog and food channel, so I am hoping for the same as far as the other venues go.

Remember: When connecting with people you will want to share what they post with the rest of your audience, providing it goes with your platform. Share the love and they may share back, linking to your posts and articles for you. This will drive more traffic to your site(s).

Please share your insights about different platforms (or about the ones listed here) in the comments, to aid others in finding what will work for them. Or email me privately at

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