Goals Update 2013


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Well, sometimes we all switch gears part way through the year. Different things seem important to us after a while. Here is my goals list from January, with notes.


  1. Perform 1 last edit on the first book of short stories. I hate apostrophes! (Well I managed to do editing for my sisters, and a few of my own stories but I am all edited out. I am getting there. Have I mentioned that I do not really like editing.)

  2. Be prepared for the busy season at work by getting ahead on my freelance tasks while things are slow this winter. (Seems I had an extra busy busy season, but I am getting caught up. My new goal is to get ahead enough not to have to worry about posting and doing too much other writing in November, during NaNaWriMo.

  3. Come up with a marketing/promotional plan for the first book of short stories. (I have been learning a great deal about marketing, but have not had a chance to set up the plan. Obviously, I have been doing small things here and there. But I do need to get a more in depth plan in place.)

  4. Continue learning about marketing and promotion. I took a
    couple of short courses last year, grudgingly. I find the topic more
    interesting now. A step in the right direction! (Learning new things all the time!)

  5. Continue to work on my second book of short stories. 1)
    Write more stories, 2) edit at least a few stories, and 3) Publish at
    least two of the short stories for others to read. (Still coming up with story ideas. Edited a couple. Published one. Doing good.)

  6. Continue to work on ideas for the third book of short stories.
  7. Continue to build up my Examiner.com channels by adding
    more content and promoting each article. They are all geared toward
    helping others: Bangor Single Mom, Bangor Easy Meals, Bangor Frugal
    Living. (This year I seem to be mainly working on BEM, though I have posted to the others as well.)

  8. Continue to update all blogs and add content to them
    regularly: Frugal Recipes, , How to Live the Freelance Life, The
    Fitness Journal. Living the Low-Income Life. (I have been concentrating mainly on the Frugal Recipes blog. Maybe it is just a food year for me.)

  9. Continue to build the writing business.


In all honesty, I have spent more time writing and editing fiction that than I have spent on my non fiction goals. It is just what I seem to want to do this year. It seems more important.


Where are your career related desires taking you?


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