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You will notice that I added a button below each post for Google+. I also received an invite from David Cooper to join this new network, which I promptly did. I am obviously still learning about this new platform, but can share a few points with you.

  • Right now, you can only join by invite. This simply means that someone using Google+ must invite you to join.
  • Google+ offers you a stream where you can read what others post, and allows you to post. I do believe that, when you click on a Google+ button anywhere on the web the link and information will automatically be shared in your Google+ stream. Also, I think you are able to separate out the streams that you want to read – like that of just family or business acquaintances.
  • You can upload photographs and videos.
  • It will make things easy on you by taking some of your profile information directly from your facebook. You will only need to make minor changes to your new profile.
  • You are allowed circles to aid you in categorizing people easily.
  • You will also be allowed sparks, which are areas of interest.
  • Hangouts require a webcam.
  • You can chat with your friends.
  • You can also take it with you. Go mobile.

Feel free to visit me on Google+. I am always looking to network with writers of all types.

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