Healthy Freelancer Recipe: Banana Chip Trail Mix

Photograph by bluecot on morguefile.comWinter is certainly upon us. Here in Maine, we have had a blizzard and a few other storms as of late.

With the holidays over, many of us are feeling a bit sluggish. We over-ate, and are not necessarily happy with ourselves about.

Simple snacks, rather than sugar and grain-ridden cakes, cookies and brownies, are the way to go.

Consuming healthy/healthier snacks will give us more energy, preparing us for our busy freelance schedules.

Am I saying no sugar is every allowed? No way! I, for one, usually put at least a few special dark chocolate chips or chocolate covered raisins. But I do limit sugar into A LOT.

Trail mixes are very tasty, and easy to make in bulk. Get out a big bowl, throw a bunch of stuff into it, mix everything up well, and put about 1/4 – 1/3 cup into individual containers or snack size baggies.

Why not just leave it all in the bowl? Well, to put it simply, it is likely you will overeat. By a lot. Keep the portions small, and use healthy ingredients. A great trail mix to try is Banana Chip Trail Mix.

I hope you enjoy this easy-to-prepare snack!


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