Healthy Freelancers’ Recipe: Kohlrabi and Summer Squash Salad

A picture taken, of A Green Salad.

A picture taken, of A Green Salad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

March is upon us, and spring is almost here. For many of us, this means a change to eating lighter, healthier. Salads are a great way to start. There are so many combinations, incorporating fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.

Some salads (sides) are simple affairs with greens and a few little tomatoes, maybe a couple of cucumber slices. Or maybe fruit based, such as watermelon and honey-dew balls.

Others are entire meals, incorporating two or more types of greens, a few other vegetables, proteins such as meat and eggs, and maybe even some fruit and seeds. These are larger salads that fill you up.

One of my favorite salads is the Kohlrabi and Summer Squash Salads. It is a great accompaniment to breakfast, but will also make a good snack when paired with a few bites of ham.

Salads can be made a few days in advance and kept in a large bowl in the refrigerator. If you are more of an on-the-go writer, preferring to craft your words in various places, wide-mouthed canning jars or other containers can be used for easy grabbing.

Now try your own combination. Feel free to share your favorite recipe in the comments of this post.


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