Ideas to Help You Rock Your Blog this Autumn!

Autumn is back

Autumn is back (Photo credit: Geekr)


How you choose to rock your blog will depend 0n the type of blog you have. Writers will have different types of posts and themes than foodies or fitness writers.


Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • If you have a plain blog, say one without a background, find a way to showcase tiny leaves falling in the background.
  • A writing blog might feature information, as well as the authors pre-journey/journey through the NaNoWriMo process. The ups and downs. the winning day!
  • A foodie may provide a new autumn recipe twice a week, or a guide for planning and preparing the Thanksgiving meal in posts leading up to the big day, including what to do with leftovers. Photos of the prepared foods and the Thanksgiving table will help to round out each post.
  • A fitness guru may feature photos of his workout team kicking it up outside, with the trees bountiful colorings in the background.
  • Brightly colored photographs are a must.


What ideas can you come up with for autumn?


Shannon L. Buck


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