Is it Time to Reevaluate Your Goals?

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2016.At the end of each year, I write down the things I hope to accomplish throughout the next year. Usually, I go overboard. Way overboard. And I rarely accomplish even half of what I want. I did the same for 2016 but, for some reason, I seem to be completing far more of my goals. Maybe I’m just really ready to get things done at this point in my life.

And because I don’t put enough on my goals list each year (Oh, the sarcasm.), my brain also spits other ideas out to me throughout the year. I end up with even more goals; more things to do.

Some years, around this time, I take goals I haven’t decided to work toward off my list. But not this time.

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More stuff to do. I’m not sure I’ll be finishing everything, but I’ll be trying pretty darn hard to get as much accomplished as possible.

How about you? Are there things you need to delete from your list? Things you want to add? Things you simply need to change the timeline for, extending because you know you’ll finish the projects after the new year, rather than before?

Go for it.

  1. Take out your list and a pen.
  2. Start a new list for 2017.
  3. Start a new list for things you are putting aside for now. Remember, you can go back to them next year, or the year after. There is no true deadline if it is your own project.
  4. Decide what projects you will put aside, and add them to the ‘putting aside’ list. Cross them off the original list.
  5. Decide what projects you’ll continue to work on but know wont be completed until next year. Add them to the ‘2017’ goals list, crossing them off the original.
  6. Brainstorm for new ideas, adding them to the list they need to go on: ‘2016’, ‘2017’, or ‘putting aside’.
  7. Make an action plan for the current list and schedule when to do things.
  8. Make an action plan for ‘2017’, scheduling what you want to work on somewhat this year.
  9. File the ‘putting aside’ list.

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This is possible when they’re our own goals, so take advantage of the freedom to work on what you want. After all, when writing for others you don’t get to make these calls.

Screenshot of, June 15, 2016. Shannon L. Buck

Screenshot of, June 15, 2016. Shannon L. Buck

I decided this year to finally get a couple of things done, so I recently added these goals to my 2016 list:

  1. Move the archives for Freelance Ponderings and Advice to a new platform that will give a more organized, clean-cut, reading experience. (Done! Visit the archive site here! And tell me what you think.)
  2. Start an email newsletter for new issues of Freelance Ponderings and Advice. (Done! Join the newsletter list here!)
  3. Move the archives for Frugal Recipes Happenings to a new platform that will give a more organized, clean-cut, reading experience.
  4. Start an email newsletter for the new issues of Frugal Recipes Happenings.

A lot, considering what is still left on my 2016 list. I’ve finished 1 and 2, and started 3. Also, I’ve set up the Lulu store to sell old editions of ebooks at a discounted price of $1.99 until I’m ready to discontinue them. (Be sure to take advantage while you can.)

Here’s to hoping I can get it all done.

Organize Your Space and StuffI’ve already accomplished so much, from publishing 7 short stories and 2 nonfiction ebooks to setting up an ‘office’ area in the room I rent, and even switching from the old laptop to a new one. Oh, the downloads and manuscripts! And I’m working on getting everything ‘in the cloud.’ So my goals for a more organized personal writing experience are being achieved. I’m happy, to say the least.

And I’ve still got more I’m doing. Between 2016 and 2017, I will:

  1. Re-write and publish a number of nonfiction books.
  2. Publish a bunch of short stories I wrote from years ago.
  3. Finish writing the stories I’m working on.
  4. Create a new website.
  5. Complete and publish at least four eGuides in a series I’m writing for Live the Freelance Life.
  6. Write and publish at least three eGuides for the new site.

I am one busy lady, for sure. I’d be completely bored without working toward these goals, though. I’m one of those people who always needs something to work toward. How about you?

Now that you know where you’re heading, I want to wish you luck in meeting your goals – and say congratulations for the goals you’ve already met.

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