Keep Moving Forward

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015Do you ever feel like you’ll never be as successful as you want?

Completely overwhelmed with everything you have taken on?

Like you have taken on too much?

If so, maybe it is time to sit back, reevaluate your priorities, make a plan, and then move forward. Are you ready? Here goes.

Sit Back

Relax. Have some downtime, a little retreat just for yourself. There is no need to go anywhere, just soak in the tub, pamper yourself a little, and tune the world out.

For how long? At least a couple of days, maybe a few more. Long enough to have a real break. Do things for yourself at this time.

  • Read a book, or catch up on reading those long forgotten magazines.
  • Take walks, or go on bike rides.
  • Commune with nature.
  • Have a movie marathon, or watch that season of the favorite show you missed while working on that last project.
  • Spend time alone. Time with your man/woman. Time with your children. Time with your mom, or the bestest. Catch up on what is going on in their lives, and ask them what they see as your (possible) next steps within your career. Feel free to discuss them anything you may be thinking about yourself.
  • Journal while sitting on the back porch.


Once you’ve had time to yourself and with loved ones, spoken with them about your next step, and journaled your feelings, take out a notebook and pen. Sit somewhere comfortable by yourself, with no distractions, and brainstorm what you want to do from here.

  1. Will things stay the same?
  2. Will they change?
  3. Exactly what changes do you want to make?
  4. How do you want to go about making these changes?
  5. What has to be let go of in order for your business to be what you want?
  6. What do you have to add?
  7. How can things be streamlined so you don’t feel so overwhelmed in the future?
  8. Are there things in your home life that could be taken care of by someone else? Remember, each member of the family is responsible for helping with things. Not just you.
  9. Is there anything in your business that someone else could help with? It is okay if you need help. Maybe your teen can help with a few things after school, or you will need to hire someone for a couple of hours a day. What are you ready to give up control over?
  10. What projects might you complete, separate from client work, that will help your business along? An eBook. A special report. A weekly blog post. What will move things forward for you?
  11. Will you need to change direction completely, or add something to the existing business.

Answer any other questions you have, and jot down all ideas you come up with. Nothing is too small. Nothing too big.

Make a Plan

Take all those notes you made and make a plan. Will you use everything you came up with? Maybe not, at least right off. But it is good to place each item on a list according to importance. Getting stuff organized and hiring help may be top priorities. Or working on a particular project that will be sold on your site.

Move Forward

Now it is time to move forward. Start doing the things on your list, checking them off (or dating them when finished so you know when each item was completed). Here are some examples of how things might get done.

  • Clear everything from the office and give it a deep cleaning. Put things back in an attractive, more organized way.
  • Talk to your teen, or hire who you need from outside the family. If help is needed, get it.
  • If you hire help: Before you begin, know the kind of person you want to hire. What type of attitude should they have? Will they need to be able to work with you as a team, or work on their own? A combinations of the two? Will they need to run errands, or will he/she be doing mainly office work? Decide what you want now to make it easier to find the right person. For the interview, be sure you have a list of what responsibilities they will have, ready for him/her (and a copy in a file labeled with his/her) to keep. Maybe provide a notebook and a pen so he/she can take notes each day. Or a binder with paper and dividers.
  • Talk to your family about what you are doing, and whether or not household responsibilities are going to change. Keep it up beat and positive.
  • Let go of unnecessary clients/projects/or other things, and start to bring into the business what you want.
  • Begin making the changes to your professional blog or site, and then move on to creating any products necessary.

Take it one step at a time. Do not get overwhelmed. Stay positive, and do not stress out over things. Everything will work when it is supposed. It is entirely possible that a few things will be abandoned before they are even begun, and that is fine.

What changes are you considering for your business? Share with us in the comments below, or email me at I reply to all emails.

Shannon L. Buck

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