Let’s Get Those Projects Finished Before The Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been busily working toward getting some projects done before the holidays. There are some things that I want to complete before Thanksgiving and the other holidays, in an effort to have less to do from mid-autumn through just after the new year.

What kind of projects?

For me, an eBook, graphics for a few short stories, and a marketing plan for all three. I am also working on getting all my blog posts and articles scheduled to publish between those holidays, so I wont have as much to do. That is not to say I won’t be writing articles or anything. I certainly will, but I am aiming for a much smaller workload so I can do a few other things – such as publishing a few short stories. I want to block out a couple of hours for this each day during that time, and not have anything else to worry about.

You may have a huge project that you are working on for a client that you can finish earlier than the given deadline, to free up a little time. Or maybe you, too, have been working on a book you want to get finished. That eCourse you’ve been putting off for your site might be the big project you choose to work on. Whatever you have that you don’t want looming over your head at the holidays, is what you should be taking care of now.

There’s still plenty of time. Let’s see what we can each accomplish. Right now, I am working on getting out the last of the summer and back-to-school blog posts and articles, as well as getting ahead on the autumn ones. Then I’ll move right on to the winter writings needing to be finished before the new year. I am also blocking out an hour or two a day to get the writing project done, and 30 minutes a day for the marketing plans.

What is your plan? What will you finish early in order to have a little more spare time later? Will you try to get everything done ahead so you can take some time off completely? These are questions to answer now, to prepare for the upcoming busy season.

How can you simplify for the holidays?

  • Try writing and editing articles and blog posts to be scheduled to post on specific dates during the holiday season.
  • Consider not taking on clients during that period. There’s no need to tell people why, just let them you are booked solid until the new year.
  • Set a schedule now to keep you on track for getting things done, and stick to it.
  • Remember to take a little time for yourself, so you’re not overwhelmed.

Now that you have a plan for this year, spend some of your downtime during the holidays getting an idea of what you can do next year to better prepare for the next holiday season. If you’re thinking ahead, things may fall into line for you more easily next year.

How do you prepare for the upcoming holidays? Let us know in the comments, or email me at shannonlbuck@gmail.com. I always reply.

Shannon L. Buck

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