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Photgraph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2/2016I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in my work space (A.K.A. my room.) It was a little drab and didn’t even have a desk until recently. Not my idea of an ideal work space, but I was thankful for what I had.

Recently I was able to spruce my space, and it looks more light and airy. I simply love it and thought, others would benefit from doing the same with their offices. So I decided to share some ideas on how you might spruce things up in your space.

  • Paint an old, drab desk white or another light color.
  • Add some houseplants to the space. Hang them above the window, place them on a stand, and add one to a corner of the desk.
  • Place a vase of flowers on the corner of the desk.
  • Put a framed picture of a loved one next to the flowers.
  • Place colorful cable holders at the back edge of the desk, to hold the cables for your work equipment when they don’t need to be plugged in.
  • Get rid of that old pencil holder that sits on the desk, and get drawer organizers to put the contents in.
  • Place a decorative cushion on a wooden chair, tying it down.
  • Lay a decorative are rug on the floor.
  • Change out the curtains to something light or bright in color.
  • Add a seasonal wreath to the door, switching it out with the seasonal changes.
  • Add colorful containers to hold supplies that are not otherwise organized.
  • Hang a painting on the wall, with a sconce on either side.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2/2016Maybe I felt the need to do this because I’m feeling like spring cleaning needs to be done now. It doesn’t really. Our weather here in Maine has just been messed up. But the nice days make me want to clean and spruce up everything in site.

I bought myself a new laptop, a printer, a desk, and a stool, as well as new folders because my old ones were so worn. My space looks so much better now, and I’m much happier now. I just need to get a few desk organizers, and I’ll be all set.

Having a nice work space certainly helps with the happiness factor.

In what ways are you sprucing up your office? With bright colors? Pastels? Let us know in the comments, or email me at I always respond to messages!

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