Mental Health Days

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We all have to do it sometime, no matter what we do for a living. We must take a mental health day. A day to relax. To not have to work. To not have to think about how we can expand on our careers.

What is done with this day is up to the individual. Some options include:

  • Laying in bed reading… all day long.

  • Vegging on the couch, watching movies all day.

  • Spending the day at the beach.

  • Going to the movie theater, after a park day and a picnic.

  • Hanging with friends and/or family.

What a day like this accomplishes:

  • It helps you to clear your mind.

  • After an entire day of mind relaxation, your mind will be abuzz with fresh ideas for a great brainstorming session.

  • You will feel more relaxed.

  • Tension will fade away.

  • You may have strengthened bonds with the people you care about.

  • You will find yourself refreshed, and in a better mood.

What do you do on your mental health days? How do you feel after experiencing one?


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