Moving On

At some point in time we must each move on. From things that are no longer working for us, to things that drive us to become better – or perhaps more – than we are now. Things that hold our interests; things we are passionate about.

I feel that time has come for me. I want to help you to create their success, even if that success has nothing to do with the various ways to freelance. Or, if you want to include other types of successful career moves, as I do.


Create Your Success

With my new site, that is exactly what I’m attempting to do. Launched minimally in 2017, I’ll be adding much to the new site in 2018 and beyond, including blog posts, free worksheets and projects, encouragement for people who want to create their own success, whatever that might be.

I’m so excited!

During this transitional period, a number of things will be happening to Live the Freelance Life:

  1. I’ll be going through all the content on this site to see what I may be able to re-purpose on the new site, what I might create freebies from, and what I can put together eBooks with. This could take anywhere from one month to twelve.
  2. I will shut down this site when that is done, and all of my old posts and photographs have been saved elsewhere.
  3. I will close the Facebook page, How to Live the Freelance Life.
  4. I will close the archive site for Freelance Ponderings and Advice, after creating a free eBook from the information there.
  5. I’ll be getting rid of as many links back to here as I can from the various social media platforms.

On top of all of this, I’ll be concentrating on making Create Your Success as successful as I can, and working on my fiction writing. It will be a busy, exciting year! I hope you’ll join me over on the new site.

All of this falls in line with many of things I want to accomplish in my life, including Taking Care of Business, staying within my Happiness Factor, and Trying New Things. All equally important.


P.S. If you are looking for more information on creating your freelance career, I still have plenty available. Check out my eBooks today:


A Freelancer’s Helper

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In this special report, A Freelancer’s Helper, I will show you the value of having people to help you with every day tasks while you work. Each person will have different needs, and this report will help you to decide what help would be best for your circumstances.

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