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If you think a regular planner will work for you, great. This article will aid you in setting one up for your business. I used one for a couple of years, and it helped me in organizing what needed to be done.

However, I think I felt too much pressure using this method. And I ended up slacking both years. Not my proudest years, let me tell you.

I decided to go with something a little different this year. It cost only $8.99 and is nice. Put out by C.R. Gibson, you can see the journal here. It is a debossed leatherette, and comes with a ribbon bookmark and a magnetic flap to keep it closed.

Post-It puts out filing tabs that are repositional. You can write on them. I needed some to complete this project, so I picked them up at Staples when I purchased the journal. Costing $5.79, I only used half of the tabs bringing the cost of the tabs for this project down to $2.90.

The cost of this years planner being $11.89. I had a $10.00 coupon for Staples, so I only spent $1.89 plus tax. Not bad!

NOTE: I am not an affiliate for C.R. Gibson, Staples, or Post-It. I just wanted you to be able to reference something so you could envision what I am talking about. I am not getting paid by anyone for mentioning these products and companies.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2014.As you can see, the journal is a nice one. I got all the basics into it when I set the journal up.

  1. There is one tab per month, with 10 pages in between tabs. The tabs are arranged so I can easily see the months, at the top and side.
  2. I wrote important things on the first and last couple of pages. Notes about things I want to look into further for the freelance business. Topics covered, that I don’t want to repeat, for the newsletters. Information like that.
  3. Each 10 page spread allows me to create check-off lists, and I started by just putting the very basic things that I need to do each on the lists, as well as any action steps that I know will have to be taken to further my knowledge about freelance things.
  4. I also paper clipped a few important notes for articles inside during the corresponding month that they will be written. These will easily be disposed of, without messing up my planner, when the articles have been written.

A good little setup for me.

My plan is to spend an evening, toward the end of each month, going through notes for each channel and blog (each has its own notebook) and adding any articles and projects I want to work on during the next month into the corresponding months check-off list.

As events come up, I have a wall calendar I can write them on, as well as the calendar on my phone, so I know I wont miss anything. I will also add the information for each event on the first page of that month in my planner.

The biggest pro here is that everything is not set for a specific date. Just a to-do list for each month. With the previous planner, if I did not get something done that specific day because an emergency came up or whatnot, I felt a lot of stress because I felt like I had failed.

The new planner deals in months rather than specific dates. I think this will work better for me. It will aid me in time management efforts, and help to keep things organized.

We shall see how this system work for me.  🙂

What planner do you use? How do you set it up?

Shannon L. Buck

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