My Top 10 Tips for the Freelance Writer

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Freelance writing is not always easy. It can be time consuming, and sometimes we may not know where to go from the point we are at. The important thing is to keep going.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you along your way:

  1. Write first. Spend the first couple hours in the morning at your desk writing, and the first couple hours in the afternoon.
  2. Spend the third hour each morning and afternoon on marketing.
  3. Make a to-do list each evening for the next day, placing the three most important tasks at the top of the list. Be sure to finnish those three tasks – or portions of larger tasks – each day, then try to get to other tasks on your list if there is time.
  4. Take breaks. Spend 10 or 15 minutes half way through your morning not working. Do the same in the afternoon. And give yourself 30-60 minutes for lunch.
  5. Try to spend at least one 5 minute period during a break each day on meditation. This act will aid you in de-stressing, relaxing, and help your mental health.
  6. Work out first thing in the morning, or before dinner. physical health is important for the freelance writer.
  7. Eat healthy foods. Nutrition is also important.
  8. Write down your ideas as they occur, when possible. Keep a notebook for fiction, one for non fiction, and one for business ideas.
  9. Have a system set in place for people contacting you. Just because you are home does not mean you are available. It is difficult for people to view you as ‘working’ when you are at home, but they need to be aware that you are. Working with distractions is not productive.
  10. concentrate more on activities that will directly provide you a source of income, and split the remainder of your time between other business activities.

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