NaNoWriMo Update 11/11/2014



Well, my plans for writing on November 2nf did not pan out. See NaNoWriMo has Begun. I had the best of intentions, believe me, but the weather was so bad we lost the power for most of the day, after only a few hundred words typed. I was so disappointed. I won 2013, and am really hoping to win 2014 as well!

Other things got done: What cleaning I could do without hot water, and project I had wanted to start was begun. But that was all I got accomplished all day.

Then I was back to work, typing as I had the chance. But it was so busy, I did not get a lot done.

By November 5th, I had written only 2,872 words. On the 6th, I had raised the count to 6,349, and at the end of the 7th day there were 7,285 words to my manuscript.

That night, I went away. My vacation, started a couple of days before, was bringing me up north to visit my daughter. A 4 hour bus drive, and a 1 hour car ride, and I was in Fort Kent. And I enjoyed my visit, not writing a single word.

Back home yesterday, I did laundry and relaxed all day, being too tired to write, and then, this evening, the 11th of November, I hit 11,356 words. My nephew, Zach, learning that I was spending time on the manuscript today, challenged me to get to 11,000 words. And, as you can see, I surpassed that count.

A huge thanks to my nephew for setting that challenge for me.

My place was clean when I started, and I had lit an autumn scented candle from my survival kit, and I typed away. I took three breaks: 2 for mini workouts, and 1 for dinner. That was it. I updated him at each break on how I was doing.

I feel better now that I have broken 10,000, and will feel even better once 15,000 words have been written.

Often, I find myself starting out slow at the beginning of the month, and finishing strong, before the 30th. Hopefully this year will be much the same.

How is your writing going this month? How many words have you written so far?

Shannon L. Buck

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