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Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2013This tired, old laptop has done much for me, but really needs to be replaced. It doesn’t play video so well anymore, reminding me of those old kung fu movies where there lips are moving but you hear them start to talk half way through their line. Then they are talking even though their lips are no longer moving. You know what I’m referring to, right? I always found it annoying, and apparently still do. I hate trying to watch Netflix and dealing with that kind of thing. Then it started happening with YouTube videos and workshops.

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So the first thing I did with my income tax refund was buy a new laptop, and that should arrive in a couple of days. I have a few other things I’m getting next week for my ‘office’.

I need a printer, because I want to make hard copies of my manuscripts. So I ordered one, along with ink and paper. I have minimal space, but I’m sure I’ll find a place for it.

I’ve been needing a desk. I had a great one, with two 2-drawer file cabinets and a hutch. Plenty of storage. But I had to leave it behind when I moved. The only place I have for a desk now is in front of a huge window, and a desk with a hutch would block out too much of the natural light and the view.

While I still want some amount of storage, need it really because I have such a small space, a large desk unit will not work. So, I opted for a craft desk. I do scrapbook, so this desk will serve two purposes storage-wise. Organizing writing stuff and some of my scrapbooking supplies. It will be great.

Luckily, I purged all my files over the last couple of years, and had to cut back on the number of office supplies I keep on hand when I moved into my place. I know this new desk wont hold all my scrapbook supplies, but it will hold the tools and keep the paper neat. Better than the system I have now; a suitcase filled with scrapbook stuff.

I’m very excited about this desk. It has a few drawers at the front, and shelves on each side. It’ll hold most of what I need it to.

And, I’m getting a stool for the desk.

Felling pretty blessed this refund season 🙂 I’m getting four things that will be useful, and make me happy. Though I’ll tell you something. I’m kinda feeling some anxiety about spending so much. I try to be as frugal as possible. I’m determined to let myself enjoy this!

Are you doing anything for your freelance business with your refund? Comment below, or email me at I love hearing from you, and always reply.

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