No Wireless Internet Access? Dial Up Not Sufficient?

Don’t let these obstacles stand in your way.

I do not have a phone line where I rent my room, and there is no wireless access.

While I am unable to have internet access whenever I want, I am getting pretty good at scheduling for the use of wireless at other places. I do this in a number of ways.

When "Wireless" Isn't Really Wireless

When “Wireless” Isn’t Really Wireless (Photo credit: ericabiz)

  • The public library is not far from me. They close at 7:00 two evenings a week, and 5:00 three evenings. Then they are open a few hours on Saturdays. However, my work schedule does not always give me a full day or two to spend there.

  • The university library, depending on the time of the year, is open later and on more days each week. I utilize this library when I can.

  • The inn where I work has wireless access, which I can access during my lunch break, and after I am done working each day.

Find the areas where you can get wireless access, and come up with a schedule for utilizing them. When you cannot access service, work on tasks that can be completed offline.

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