Notebooks: Keeping Track of Ideas

Keeping track of ideas is important. After all, these ideas are what will keep your blogs, channels, websites, and more going when you need to add more content.  You don’t want to lose the ideas you come up with, but it is near impossible to get to all of them right away. They need to be saved until you have time to work on each.

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How to keep track of your ideas is the question.

Notebooks are a good way to do this. One-subject, 3-subject, 5-subject, or even composition books are good for organizing all the ideas you will inevitably come up with.

I have new ideas every week, sometimes every day. It seemed that I had a million pieces of paper scattered here and there around my room, notes on my computer, and even in my phone. The mess was very cluttered, and I knew something had to be done.

My solution was to use a separate notebook for each blog and channel, and I do have a few.

I started with the blogs. I have this one (How to Live the Freelance Life) and two more: Frugal is Fabulous! and Frugal Recipes – Spending Less to Eat Healthy. Feel free to take a look at them. There’s good information on them that will help when you are low on cash.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2013.

As you can see, I decided to spice things up a bit and go for colorfully designed compositions notebooks for this project. Then I moved on to my channels: Bangor Frugal Living, Bangor Easy Meals, and Bangor Single Mom. This time striped composition notebooks were used. These colors make things just a bit more interesting.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2013.

  • To begin, I wrote the name of each blog or channel on the front of each desired notebook in black permanent marker.
  • Then I collected all those little pieces of paper, taping each into the appropriate notebook.
  • Next I copied information from my sticky note program on the laptop into each notebook, as well as any other notes I had online and in the documents.
  • Finally, wrote in the notebooks any ideas I had in my head, as well as the what I had on my phone.

The whole thing was a process, but it worked out well. I’m much more productive with things all in one place for each venue. Having everything for the blog or channel I am working on all in one place is a real time saver.

These notebooks should be kept where they are easily accessible, such as lined up on a shelf, or at the corner of a desk.

How do you keep track of your article, post, story, and other ideas? Let us know below, or email me at I always answer my emails.

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