Organize: Create Processes

I’m still at it. Organizing my time and my surroundings, not to mention my processes. I’m doing all this to meet my goals for my theme of the year: Organize.

There are processes we use in building our careers. They may be different depending on the exact nature of what we are doing, but there are always processes.

I started thinking about the processes I use after reading something by Leonie Dawson. She had written about how having processes all typed out and ready for those working with you to look at can help speed up work. Each person wont have to figure out what to do in a situation if the instructions are right there, saving time.

The saved time might be used for other important tasks or, when added up over the year, allow for a day off to make time for yourself, family, or friends.

Having the processes typed and handy means that you’ll be able to quickly find directions for doing things that don’t come up often. If something doesn’t come up often, you might not remember how to do it the next time around.

Screenshot by Shannon L. Buck,

The above is a simple process for linking a picture to an outside location. This is something I do often, but someone who is helping me out when I’m unable to do the work might not know how to do this.

If that is the case, the person helping me out will be able to quickly access the directions and finish the job.

Screenshot by Shannon L. Buck, copyright February 1, 2017.

This is a screenshot of my document on how to Upload and Link a File to a Page/Post. This is not something I do all the time, and I always have to do a Google search to find out how to do it when I need the information. Now, I’ll just check this file real quick and be able to finish up my post.

I’ve set up a folder in the documents on my laptop for these processes, and I’ll be printing each off and putting them in a binder. They can easily be changed if I notice something isn’t working, or a program changes a process and I need to update my files.

Have you begun setting up processes? While we may have differing goals, it would help us each out greatly if we documented our processes. I’ll be adding to the folder and binder over time.


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