Overcoming Writers Block Part 1

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Writers block is something that seems to just happen every so often, whether you write fiction or nonfiction. It is not necessarily ways to overcome, and many people wait for their muse to do her job.

By doing so you are not really being productive, though. So what can you do to help your muse along? To get her butt in gear so you can get back to what you do best?

I can’t really answer that for you specifically because each of us is so different, but I can give you some examples in this series of posts of things that have worked for me. What works for me might not work for everyone, so please let us know how you get your muse on the right track when writers block gets you. Share in the comments below.

Today  would like to introduce you to my main method of stimulating my muse, watching television or a movie.

My television is on most of the time, but I am not really watching it. I use it for background noise. I got so used to having children around talking and playing in the background whenever I was writing, that I now find it difficult to write without the noise. Even when at work, I am more productive writing things when I can hear people around me going about their tasks and talking.

However, when my muse is having issues, I will stop and take time to watch some television shows and movies. I sometimes spend days just relaxing and watching things, with a notebook and pen next to me.

Why a notebook and pen?

To take down downs. Any little tidbit. Any ideas I can come up with.

What do I watch to get these ideas? Many things.

If I am writing non fiction, I will watch things like business reports, Extreme Couponing (I write in different niches), 19 Kids and Counting, a cooking show, or even DIY or HGTV.

If I am writing fiction, I will watch horror/thriller movies, Lifetime, or HMC.

Whatever works for me.

During these periods of downtime, I write down any little thing that comes into my head. Ideas for articles for Frugal is Fabulous, Bangor Single Mom, or Bangor Frugal Living. Ideas for new recipes for Frugal Recipes or Bangor Easy Meals. Even networking or marketing ideas for this site.

I look at movies from the perspective of how can I make this story better? What did they leave out? What could I do differently? What would my characters be like? My plot? My setting? I can take literally one little moment in a movie and turn it into its own short story.

Have you ever used this type of method to spark some interest for your Muse? Let us know how it works for you. Either in the comments below, or by emailing me personally at shannonlbuck@gmail.com.

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Happy writing!

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