Overcoming Writers Block Part 2


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Yesterday I posted Overcoming Writers Block Part 1, where I discussed how I use television and movies to spark my muse and how I record my thoughts and new ideas. It is a method that works quite well for me. But it may not work for you, as not every method will work well for each of us. We are each, after all, different.

This second method may be more to your style and, if not, one of the other methods I am going to be posting over the next couple of days might be. So keep reading, and provide feedback where you can.

What is this second method? Why, it is reading, of course! I was bound to get to it eventually, lol.

I read a variety of materials, online and not. Fiction and non fiction. From blog posts to articles, and magazines to books. I love to read.

How does this generate ideas? Well, something inevitably will interest me enough to write about it.

What? There are so many things.

Maybe a line in a book will generate the title of a new story for me. Or a situation that arose (or might have!) jumps out at me that generates an entirely different story. Perhaps an ingredient in a recipe will set my mind off on thinking of other recipes I could feature that ingredient in. Maybe an article topic will give me an idea for a series of my own articles. On occasion, I have even been known to write a poem due to an interesting word or phrase I read – though this happens rarely.

Have you had any success with this method of stimulating your muse? Tell us about it in the comments for this article, or email me personally at shannonlbuck@gmail.com.

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