Overcoming Writers Block Part 3

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Over the last couple of days I have posted Overcoming Writers Block Part 1, as well as Part 2. Part 1 mentioned how I use television and movies to come up with writing ideas, and part 2 discussed how I use my reading to accomplish the same task.

In this post I will be discussing how I get creative, and how that generally leads to writing.

I am a creative person in general, so it is not difficult for me to switch from writing to something like photography or a craft project, or even cooking. I love to scrapbook, and to make ornaments and gifts. Getting crafty for decorating purposes is also something I enjoy.

So how does all this creativity lead to more writing?

When my muse is not cooperating with me I will switch gears, say to a scrapbooking project. From this one project, possibly a 2 page spread, I will take what I am doing and think up a few ideas for writing projects. For instance, from a two page spread I might come up with ideas for how-to articles, such as:

  1. How to Journal Your Scrapbook
  2. How to Mat Photographs for a Scrapbook Page
  3. How to use Embellishments on a Scrapbook Page

I might also come up with ideas for a couple other types of articles, such as:

  1. Why Journaling Your Scrapbook is Important
  2. What to Journal about in Your Scrapbook

I might even be able to come up with more ideas if I wanted to take more time to think about it, but you get the picture.

Just taking photographs aids me in coming up with ideas. I walk to do this, which is a mind clearing activity for me. Taking photographs allows me to stop thinking about writing to concentrate fully on something else. Once I get home, and am looking through the photographs, I can usually come up with a few ideas for short stories. I don’t always end up using all the ideas.

Does being creative in other ways help your writing career? Let us know how in the comments, or email me personally at shannonlbuck@gmail.com.

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