Plan Now for an Easier Holiday Season

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015.Another holiday season is behind us. All the craziness is over, and we can all relax. Breathe.  At least for a little bit.

I posted some New Year goal ideas the other day, if you haven’t  read it yet, as well as a few updates about what I have going on for the blog and a few stories I’ve been working on.

Realization hit me December 1, I was not going to be publishing the manuscripts in 2015. Click To Tweet

 Devastating, but I recovered quickly (after about 20 minutes!) and told myself not to worry. Next time around I’ll know to give myself the extra time needed. Right then and there, all I wanted was to enjoy the month and feel festive. I gave myself a break.

And so I did.

I spent a little time crafting. I helped the bestest pack for a move; and she and I had a baking day. I spent time with my family, and time alone. I relaxed a little, did what writing activities that needed to be done (there was not a lot, because I had prepared for the holiday season somewhat), and did not let myself stress. It was nice. I really enjoyed myself.

But, should have planned better. Now my eBooks are not published like I’d wanted – and getting them done is what I’m spending the next month or two on. Before I can work on my projects for this year. 🙁 But, again, I’m not letting myself stress. It will all get done.

Are you in the same boat? Please tell me you are, so I wont be all alone in feeling like I could have done better.

If you are, then I propose a goal for the New Year. Start getting ready for the holiday season now!

  • Take out your planner and schedule all office cleaning and organizing tasks to take place before November. Get things spruced up and, when the holidays arrive, decorate the space a little.
  • If you have a blog or site, write, edit, and schedule posts and articles for November and December over the course of the next three or four months. My platforms allow me to schedule in advance, and the articles will post automatically on the day I choose. I love that feature!
  • Plan when you will work on your own big project(s) as well. Possibly beginning late spring, if you think that will give you enough time to finish up before November.
  • Stock up now on office supplies or, if you are looking to save money, create your list and shop during the back-to-school sales later in the year. But know what you need now, and add to the list when necessary. The point is to spend as little time as possible shopping, to free up time to get your posts, articles, and projects done.
  • Also, think now about client gifts if you give them. You’ll want to only spend a few minutes ordering things in October, so you should know exactly what you’ll need and where to get it all, or you’ll want to create your own gifts for them before the holidays. Schedule time in your planner for this as well.
  • Plan and begin creating holiday incentives, coupons, etc., now, so they’re ready to go in November and/or December.
  • Plan to raise rates next January now, creating the template/letter you’ll be sending everyone in October to prepare them for the raise on January first.
  • Do the same for projects clients may want you to do for the holidays. Approach them with your letter in September, letting them know you’d like to have holiday items done by November.

I’m sure there’s more we will think of as the year goes by, but these ideas will help to lessen our holiday load. That’s not to say we wont do any work in November and December. We might. But there will be so much less for us to worry about if we get what we can done before then.

So what do you say? Please leave a comment or email me personally at I always answer!

Happy New Year

Shannon L. Buck

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